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  • June 05 2015 – Bold Apps

    Food and Beverage Trends for Summer 2015

    When it comes to food and beverage trends, some are hit and miss – we’re here to tell you about some up to the minute trends that are making waves (and profits) for chefs and restaurants around the country!   First up, instead of common drink mixes like Bloody Mary’s, expect new, exotic flavors to gain popularity.  Cocktail enhancers like...

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  • March 27 2015 – Robert Fiumara

    Top Five Kitchen Trends of 2015

      Heading into April, it’s about time we discuss the top kitchen trends that are popping up in restaurants across the country!  The biggest standout so far is how many chefs are incorporating the use of nifty gadgets in their culinary skills and how brightly colored many of these new product are. Retro themes and products that promote a healthier...

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  • February 23 2015 – Robert Fiumara

    Food Service Industry Experiencing Growth

      According to recent surveys, the food service industry is experiencing marked growth, stability, and optimism; by those in the business.  Food service businesses have reported confidence in the possibility of significant business growth for the next twelve months.  In fact, half of those surveyed are already making plans to hire on additional staff to help with the expected surge...

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  • December 17 2014 – Robert Fiumara

    Hollywood Style in the Kitchen

      Tune in at night to any cable network and chances are, you’ll run across a reality show featuring cooking as its main focus.  While the surge of cooking shows and competitions continues, so does the unique spin that Hollywood is putting on culinary uniforms and restaurant style.   Culinary Uniforms Heating Up   When you think of aprons you...

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  • December 10 2014 – Robert Fiumara

    December Roundup: Buzzworthy Trends

      Out of all the growing trends, the use of environmentally sustainable products is growing the fastest. Operators across the entire industry of foodservice are showing greater awareness as they incorporate products and designs that are green. Making major headway is the incorporation of green ventilation systems. Ventilation systems take up a large amount of energy, so equipping systems with...

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  • October 04 2014 – Robert Fiumara

    Spicy Menu Items are a Hot Commodity and Other Growing Trends

    According to FONA international, the demand for hot and tingling food sensations amongst consumers is on the rise. Millenials in particular are leading the charge as “heat seekers” and are highly experimental as a dining block.  From drinks to food, spice is becoming a critical darling for consumers and you should definitely tailor y our menu accordingly. Think about delivering...

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