December Roundup: Buzzworthy Trends

December 10 2014 – Robert Fiumara


Out of all the growing trends, the use of environmentally sustainable products is growing the fastest. Operators across the entire industry of foodservice are showing greater awareness as they incorporate products and designs that are green. Making major headway is the incorporation of green ventilation systems. Ventilation systems take up a large amount of energy, so equipping systems with sensors that adjust the speed of exhaust fans in hoods that match what’s happening in the kitchen will save both time, money, and help the environment.


Technology Solutions for Faster Service


Fast casual dining is becoming a hot commodity among customers and retailers. Incorporating technology to ensure fast service without sacrificing quality is the key to a successful fast casual dining experience. One recent example of this is the chain restaurant Chili’s, which incorporated tableside tablets. Customers can use the tables to browse menus, place orders and request re-fills, and can even pay using a credit card at the table. In response, Chili’s has seen a 20% increase in sales of items like desserts and coffee, and an increase in tips for wait staff.


Retro Barware Growing in Popularity


This year, barware served in a retro style – shallow bowls and thin stems – grew in popularity. As retro cocktails like Old Fashions and Moscow Mules come back in style, so does the trend of retro barware. Another bonus? This type of barware tends to minimize spills as they’re being carried to a table, resulting in fewer cleanups for your staff and less hazards to your customers.


Behind-the-Bar: Big Impressions


Speaking of barware, did you know that the way your bar looks is just as important as what you have stocked? Liquor bottles are adding a touch of flair and drama to the appearance of bars. From the ornate glass rectangles to dyed glass bottles, liquor bottles have become a work of art. In fact, creative designs have spilled over into craft beer bottles and interesting tap handles for their brands. Taking part in this trend can make your bar more appealing to customers, leading to higher alcohol sales.


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