Food and Beverage Trends for Summer 2015

June 05 2015 – Bold Apps

When it comes to food and beverage trends, some are hit and miss – we’re here to tell you about some up to the minute trends that are making waves (and profits) for chefs and restaurants around the country!


First up, instead of common drink mixes like Bloody Mary’s, expect new, exotic flavors to gain popularity.  Cocktail enhancers like ginger syrups and flavored tonic waters are quite popular as are things you wouldn’t necessarily consider putting into cocktails, like Sriracha Chili Paste!  Other interesting mixers and infusions include pear-ginger and blueberry-lavender! 


Secondly, frozen brands will focus on providing fresher and tastier foods to compete with the healthy appeal of fresh foods.  Brands who stress the healthier content of their frozen fare will also have new products launched in new, exciting categories like appetizers, drinks, condiments, and herbs.  Brands that are already established will be introducing larger varieties, especially in mixed fruits and vegetables.  These frozen products can be used to cut costs in many dishes (especially dishes that require fruits to be blended), but thanks to the high quality of most of these products, your guests will never realize they were once frozen!


While you yourself may already be a big fan of seafood, look for oysters to make a huge reappearance this year.  They’re cheaper right now due to the reseeding of old oyster beds and discovery of newer ones and oysters are extremely versatile.  Steamed, baked, or eaten raw, oysters are a great addition to any happy hour menu and pair well with any steely white wine.  For a treat that’s sure to impress any foodie, offer condiments that include the traditional cocktail sauce but also kimchee, Sriracha, or even chorizo butter! 


Speaking of Sriracha, look for more sweet-spicy sauces and condiments inspired by the popular sauce.  Honeys flavored with chili’s, peppers, and fruits are making a rather noisy introduction at restaurants around the country and many experts believe that these infused honey’s will prove to be the next big thing!  Chefs will also be figuring out how to incorporate hummus into their line up as the condiment begins its meteoric rise to the top.  It’s a great addition to any meatless dish and is high in protein and low in fat, making it a great choice for just about anyone.  Upscale versions include beet, edamame, and Thai chili hummus.  Used as a starter it might also be a real contender for a mayonnaise replacement since it’s spreadable, just like the condiment. 


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