Spicy Menu Items are a Hot Commodity and Other Growing Trends

October 04 2014 – Robert Fiumara

According to FONA international, the demand for hot and tingling food sensations amongst consumers is on the rise. Millenials in particular are leading the charge as “heat seekers” and are highly experimental as a dining block.  From drinks to food, spice is becoming a critical darling for consumers and you should definitely tailor y our menu accordingly. Think about delivering these things by tweaking your menu and adding spice options to preexisting menu items. A simple blend can add a touch of spice to regular coffee. Alternatively you can look add spiced liquors to your bar menu. Chilis of varying origin are also easily prepared and added to menu selections.


Beer sales are also on the decline, particularly among younger audience members. A recent Technomic report suggests that young adult consumers are more interested in wine and other spirits than the traditional hoppy beverages, and that beer is largely seen as an interest of their fathers before them. That said, beer is still among the most consumed adult beverages as cost is king to the economically squeezed younger groups. However, both wine and spirits companies are taking note, and you’ll want to tailor your menu to these items as their costs are adjusted to meet this ever growing demand.


Takeout preference is also on the rise. Millennials in particular are a group of eaters on the go, and doesn’t value a solid dine in experience like their older siblings and parents do.  If you want to appeal to this demographic, you’ll want to offer a variety of boxed menu items and carry-out/delivery specials and options.  This is a particularly great trend for restaurateurs, as it means less labor is often involved in the preparation and servicing of a meal.


Keep these trends in mind when you next alter your menu or adjust your strategy, and you’re sure to see an increase in your bottom line.

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