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  • June 04 2014 – Robert Fiumara

    What You Can Do To Reduce Food Waste

    For those in the food industry, there is little that brings greater joy than feeding hungry people. But what if, as an industry, we equally sought to prevent others from going hungry? Everyone in the food industry knows that a lot of food gets wasted from the beginning moments of production to the moment that the food is put out...

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  • June 02 2014 – Robert Fiumara

    A Spotlight On Bakers

    Do you love to bake? Have you considered using your skills and passion to become a baker? Getting certified or trained in the field is easier than ever with the availability of both online and on campus programs. We would like to take a moment and highlight the duties and responsibilities of this wonderful career.   The job of a...

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  • June 01 2014 – Robert Fiumara

    Father’s Day: Increase Restaurant Recognition and Loyalty This Coming Holiday

    While there’s no doubt that this year fathers everywhere will be treated to the usual gifts: grilling gadgets, coffee-makers, alcohol, and the standard workplace accessories like ties or pens, there is no question that fathers everywhere will be treated to some time out with the family. This year alone, Americans are expected to spend upwards of 13.3 billion dollars on...

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