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  • August 28 2015 – Robert Fiumara

    The Future of Tipping

    The Future Of Tipping When dining out, tipping your server is par for the course. It’s a tradition that’s deeply ingrained into the Western culture, but many claim that tipping does more harm than good and should be eliminated. The new minimum wage regulations that are popping up in cities across the country have prompted some to make their arguments...

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  • October 14 2014 – Robert Fiumara

    Buying Time: What’s Worth Investment?

    We all know the deal; the economy right now is sluggish and shows few signs of improvement, particularly for those in the restaurant industry. This means that we as owners and operators have to reign back our spending and really examine what is and isn’t worth an investment.  How you prioritize your sp ending is important, particularly as more and...

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  • October 07 2014 – Robert Fiumara

    Things to Keep in Mind when Pricing

    Informational sources of all sorts will tell restaurant management that menu pricing is somewhat of a vague and complicated process. That you can figure out how much you are paying for food supplies and simply charge three times as much, and that they key to undermining your competition is to simply lower your prices.  Another common strategy is to simply...

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  • May 28 2014 – Robert Fiumara

    Combating Increasing Food Costs: Is Raising Prices the Right Answer?

    As any restaurant owner knows, as the prices for the goods we rely on to do business increase; we have to negotiate the pricing of the foods and services we provide. It can be a daunting task, as the fear of alienating your patrons is very real. That said, there is some good news on this front.   Considering Raising...

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