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Fiumara Apparel offers a wide variety of chef pants and apparel bottoms for all of your culinary and kitchen professional needs. Across the board, we pride ourselves on our functional designer offerings that are excellent examples of function and comfort. Our chefs pants are the best on the market, and we’re sure that they can manage any kitchen or culinary challenge that they’re presented with. So, whether you’re managing a kitchen, taking orders, or right in the eye of the lunch rush storm, our chefs pants will help you do the job.
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Chefwear Cargo Chef Pants

from $32.95 - $36.95

Chefwear Baggy Chef Pants

from $30.95 - $34.95

Bragard Funandoc Chef Pants

from $29.95 - $31.95

Chef Works J54 Cargo Pants

from $39.99 - $51.99

Edwards Basic Chef Pants

from $19.95 - $26.95

Bragard Fuji Chef Pants

from $36.95 - $41.95

Chef Works Basic Chef Pants

from $29.99 - $35.99