Food Service Industry Experiencing Growth

February 23 2015 – Robert Fiumara


According to recent surveys, the food service industry is experiencing marked growth, stability, and optimism; by those in the business.  Food service businesses have reported confidence in the possibility of significant business growth for the next twelve months.  In fact, half of those surveyed are already making plans to hire on additional staff to help with the expected surge in growth. 


Eighty percent of owners reported that they believe they will experience significant growth in their business during 2015, with 45 percent planning to add additional staff, including servers and chefs.  Much of this optimism comes from the general recovery of the economy, with customer’s gaining confidence in eating out again based upon having an increase in disposable income.  With spring and summer right around the corner, tourist season is having a marked affect on business owner confidence.  Adding new food for tourists visiting popular summer destinations such as Washington, DC; New York City, and East-Coast beaches; has occurred to meet growing consumer demand and create buzz.


Major food service provider Aramark, has spearheaded a $10 million investment to re-vamp the Minnesota Vikings stadium, a project that is expected to cost over $1 billion.  New equipment, facilities, carpeting, and flooring; is expected to be installed and the project will be completed later this summer.  The growth in the food service industry will also impact salaries as well.  In San Francisco, servers can earn upwards of $21.50 per hour, followed by Boston at $19.00 per hour, and Miami at $17.90 an hour.  For bartenders, San Francisco once again leads the pack with an average hourly rate of $26.50. The Bay City is followed by Las Vegas at $22.00 per hour and Seattle at $21.00 an hour.  With the industry experiencing sharp growth, servers, front of house staff, and bartenders can expect an increase in hourly salaries. 


Additionally, specialty food service like vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free; are also on the rise.  With plant-based diets growing in popularity and options limited, especially in rural areas, Marco Borges has established ’22 Day Nutrition’ a plant-based, home delivery system.  22-Day Nutrition is delivered straight to your door and features meals that are soy, dairy, gluten, and GMO free. 


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