Top Five Kitchen Trends of 2015

March 27 2015 – Robert Fiumara


Heading into April, it’s about time we discuss the top kitchen trends that are popping up in restaurants across the country!  The biggest standout so far is how many chefs are incorporating the use of nifty gadgets in their culinary skills and how brightly colored many of these new product are. Retro themes and products that promote a healthier lifestyle are quite popular as are tools for the at-home gourmet foodie. 


Expensive and time consuming techniques that were once out of reach for the home chef are now relatively easy to recreate with the addition of affordable and easy-to-use home tools.  Molecular gastronomy, the art of reimagining the way food is presented by breaking down each ingredient, is easy to reproduce for your dinner party with Molecue-R Flavors molecular gastronomy kits.  From the very simple to the very complex (but still easy to do at home), prices of the kits range from $30 - $200.


Sushi is really healthy but can be messy and frustrating to prepare correctly.  Even in the finest sushi restaurants across the country, chef’s who haven’t been traditionally trained, often find themselves unable to recreate the delicate flavors and visually pleasing presentation of their Japanese predecessors.  But now, rolling sushi can be as easy as purchasing an at-home kit, like the one by Easy Sushi Easy Rolls.  The gadget is similar to a cigarette roller and chef’s can build their own sushi rolls, without traveling to Japan to learn from master sushi chefs! 


Saving space, time, and money is the concern of every professional chef and home cook.  Tools and gadgets that are multipurpose and multifunctional are becoming very popular as individuals continue to simplify their lives.  As an example of this, Bellini has created the Intelli Kitchen Master.  It can do the job of eight appliances including chopping, mincing, whipping, kneading, blending, stirring, cooking, frying, and steaming.  It features an LED display screen and comes with many functions to make your life easier!  Surprisingly, it takes up less counter space than you’d think, making it perfect for those with smaller kitchens or work areas!


Another multifunction product that’s becoming quite popular is the all-in-one pressure, rice, and slow cooker by Fagor.  Retaining at around $100, the 3-in-1 Electric Multi-Cooker drastically reduces cooking time while maintain the foods integrity, color, and taste.  Pressure-cooking can prepare your foods in up to 70% less time, making this multi-function tool perfect for busy families!


While appliances and gadgets continue to move forward with technology, colors and patterns are taking a retro turn!  Many brands are featuring a 50’s style theme this year including brand Smeg who features appliances with bright and vibrant colors and patterns as well as retro looking appliances, like refrigerators and toasters.  You can expect to get all the retro nostalgia in these products but have the same great updates as current products on the market. 


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