Chef Pants

Working in the kitchen means you are on your feet all day long. Without the proper attire, the workday can be hot and uncomfortable. Fiumara Apparel has curated the perfect collection of chef pants for both men & women available to keep you creating in comfort. With a wide range of options, you can be sure there is something for everyone’s preference.

Fitted chef pants provide a sleek and slim professional outline, while baggy pants may be comfortable and less restricting. Shorts are also an available option, for maximum comfort. Know your workplace regulations and pick a style that works for you and your dress code. Waistband choices range from a traditional zippered fly to pull-on and drawstring options. When dealing with customers, a more traditional waistband and pleats give a professional appearance. A relaxed elastic waistband provides flexibility and full-range motion while working. Your own preference will help you decide which kind will fit your needs. Extra pockets are handy for holding additional tools. Small utensils such as bowl scrapers, spoons, and even Sharpie markers need to be within easy reach at all times. If you need more storage space, try out a pair of cargo pants. These extra pockets with Velcro closures open and close quickly, allowing for easy access. Ventilation is an important factor not only for coats but for chef pants as well. Staying cool means more comfort as you prep by the stove. If you tend to overheat in the kitchen, look for our vented options with zippered openings on the back of the knee and the side seams for another way to cool off.

Fiumara Apparel knows better than anyone what it takes to make clothing that can withstand a long hard day at work in the kitchen. Made from only the finest materials and available in the widest selection of styles and colors; our chef pants, kitchen pants, and waiter pants are the pinnacle of culinary and chefs apparel. We invite you to browse our entire line of chef pants below to find the pair that will work best for you.

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Chefwear Cargo Chef Pants
From $32.95 - $36.95
Chefwear Baggy Chef Pants
From $30.95 - $34.95
Bragard Funandoc Chef Pants
From $29.95 - $31.95
Chef Works J54 Cargo Pants
From $39.99 - $51.99
Chef Works Men's Cargo Pants
From $39.99 - $51.99
Edwards Basic Chef Pants
From $19.95 - $26.95
Bragard Fuji Chef Pants
From $36.95 - $41.95
Chef Works Basic Chef Pants
From $29.99 - $35.99