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  • May 15 2018 – Robert Fiumara

    Tattoos and Piercings in the Culinary Industry

    Tattoos and Piercings? In this day and age, being stylish often means displaying artwork like tattoos and body piercings. In fact, both have become a part of the culture that is culinary arts.  An unconventional look shouldn’t become a detriment to working in the culinary industry nor should it derail a successful career in the profession.  More Common Now Than...

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  • March 14 2017 – Robert Fiumara

    3.14 is Pi(e) Day! Who Wants a Slice?

    3.14 is Pi(e) Day! Who Wants a Slice? Today is not only a great day for math lovers, but for everyone who happens to love pie. That includes pizza pie as well!      What is Pi exactly? Well, it is the ratio of the circumference of a circle to its diameter. The official symbol for Pi (π) was first...

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  • August 28 2015 – Robert Fiumara

    The Future of Tipping

    The Future Of Tipping When dining out, tipping your server is par for the course. It’s a tradition that’s deeply ingrained into the Western culture, but many claim that tipping does more harm than good and should be eliminated. The new minimum wage regulations that are popping up in cities across the country have prompted some to make their arguments...

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  • August 07 2015 – Bold Apps

    Five Best Cities to Start a Restaurant

    In the face of a recession, the restaurant business was one industry that was able to overcome.  In fact, March 2015 showed the first time that consumers spent more of their hard-earned money at restaurants instead of buying groceries.  With that kind of good news, many are wondering if now is the time to open their own establishments and where...

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  • July 22 2015 – Bold Apps

    Healthy Fast Food: Where to Find It

    At times it can be difficult to eat healthy no matter how hard we try.  Work, school, and leisure activities can make even the most active family hard pressed to take time out for healthy, homemade meals.  This is when fast food is often the most attractive solution for our hungry bellies.  Since fast food isn’t always the healthiest, we’ve...

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  • July 10 2015 – Bold Apps

    Culinary Roundup: The Best Culinary Tools for Traveler’s

    Here are some of the best culinary tools for chefs who love to travel and camp out!    Instead of resorting to red plastic cups for your beverages, check out the inventive and unique Hydro Flask True Pint!  This sixteen-ounce pint glass will keep your beer or ale insulated and cold.  You can also take comfort in the fact that,...

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