Five Best Cities to Start a Restaurant

August 07 2015 – Bold Apps

In the face of a recession, the restaurant business was one industry that was able to overcome.  In fact, March 2015 showed the first time that consumers spent more of their hard-earned money at restaurants instead of buying groceries.  With that kind of good news, many are wondering if now is the time to open their own establishments and where to start.  We have a list of the top five cities where chefs and restaurateurs should consider opening their first restaurant or expanding their already existing brands into.


Selecting the right city is a crucial step in becoming a restaurant owner.  The right city can make or break a new restaurant and restaurateurs must be aware of the lifestyles in each city they’re considering.  The shift in food culture in many cities means that many cities are embracing new cuisines of all kinds.  Here are the top five rankings for best cities to start a new restaurant, beginning with number five:


  1. El Paso, Texas


While you might think of El Paso, Texas as a city that embraces a meat and potatoes diet or southwestern cuisine, the cities diverse population of over 650,000 means that there are significant opportunities for new and exciting brands all across the city.  Surprisingly, El Paso boasts a number of fresh food farmers markets that could be used as a supply of fresh, local foods. 


  1. New Orleans, Louisiana


While New Orleans, Louisiana is a hot tourist spot and boasts a multitude of popular restaurants from all different types of cuisines including French, Cajun, and southern style food, labor costs are more expensive.  If you’re considering opening a restaurant in the city, you’ll need to remain cognizant of the additional cost but fret not:  Conde Nast describes the city as a “foodie paradise” and with events like Mardi Gras bringing in the tourists, your restaurant will get plenty of business year-round.


  1. Nashville, Tennessee


The cost of living in Nashville is lower than the national average, making it an ideal place for a new restaurant.  Consumers are more likely to eat out when the cost of living is low and you’ll get the tourist traffic from those visiting Music City, all year round.  While the city is known for its barbecue restaurants, cuisine of all types does well in Nashville.


  1. Charlotte, North Carolina


From 2009 to 2013, Charlotte saw a 26 percent increase in restaurants and bars in the area.  The city and its population of 810,000 are seeing a crop of food trucks, local craft breweries, and city markets pop up to a wide market that’s full of possibilities.


  1. Austin, Texas


Austin, Texas is one of the most eclectic cities on our list and the food scene in the city is booming.  From food trucks and more innovative dining concepts, Austin boasts a low cost of living, that chefs can take advantage of.  But be aware that labor costs are higher in the city than elsewhere in Texas.


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