3.14 is Pi(e) Day! Who Wants a Slice?

March 14 2017 – Robert Fiumara

3.14 is Pi(e) Day! Who Wants a Slice?

Today is not only a great day for math lovers, but for everyone who happens to love pie. That includes pizza pie as well! 



What is Pi exactly? Well, it is the ratio of the circumference of a circle to its diameter. The official symbol for Pi (π) was first used in 1737 by Swiss Mathematician Leonhard Euler.

If you'd like to indulge in some pie to celebrate, there are many pizza places that are offering great deals such as pizzas for $3.14! Like I said, a great day for EVERYONE!



Another way to celebrate like a true mathematician would be the Pi in the Sky Challenge. This was created by NASA in honor of Pi Day. It presents a series of math problems NASA engineers and scientists may solve by using Pi. This includes problems like how much of Earth would be covered by an eclipse, or how many days the Cassini spacecraft will need to orbit around Saturn. 

Happy π Day Everyone!! 

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