Culinary Roundup: The Best Culinary Tools for Traveler’s

July 10 2015 – Bold Apps

Here are some of the best culinary tools for chefs who love to travel and camp out! 


Instead of resorting to red plastic cups for your beverages, check out the inventive and unique Hydro Flask True Pint!  This sixteen-ounce pint glass will keep your beer or ale insulated and cold.  You can also take comfort in the fact that, unlike other insulated containers that can leave behind a metallic taste, the True Pint delivers your chosen beverage without an aftertaste.  The lip of the True Pint has been designed with beer lovers in mind and feels like you’re drinking straight from the bottle, while True Pints internal design makes foam free pours a breeze. 


If you’re a fan of outdoor camping, you might wonder how you’re supposed to get your morning fix of coffee.  Instead of making camp coffee the old-fashioned way by boiling the grounds in water, check out the Snow Peak Collapsible Coffee Drip.  You’ll just need coffee, boiling water, and a paper filter to make the perfect cup of coffee while out on the trails.  And, since it’s so small, storage and traveling with it is easy!  If you required a coffee maker that’s a little more lucrative, check out the Wacaco Mini-Espresso Maker.  At just $49.00, it’s a cheaper and tinier version of its full-sized counterpart.  Easy to use and great for those who are traveling to exotic destinations, the mini-espresso maker doesn’t require any electricity, compressed air, or Nitrogen cartridges – just a little patience.


Fans of popular outdoor gear brand REI, will love their new evrgrn line, targeted to the urban set who might not be all that keen to get outdoors without some fancy cooking equipment.  Featuring a Bamboo Pop-up Table, the evrgrn line adds class and comfort to your camping trip.   The pop-up table makes a great surface area to prepare foods, play camp games, or set up dinner!  If you’re a wine drinker or just enjoy taking vineyard tours when you travel, you should purchase a Wineskin!  At just $6 for two, the Wineskin lets you take your prized bottle of wine home, even if its been opened – simply insert your wine bottle into the Wineskin and then peel back the seal.  Compress the Wineskin to the bottle fits snugly and toss it into your checked luggage. 


These are just a few of the great products offered on the market now that home chefs or chefs who love to camp, will want to pick up!  If you’re a chef and you need restaurant or cooking apparel, Fiumara Apparel can hook you up!  With our incredible customer service and stylish and affordable selection, we have all you need to outfit your entire restaurant staff!   

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