A Spotlight On Bakers

June 02 2014 – Robert Fiumara

Do you love to bake? Have you considered using your skills and passion to become a baker? Getting certified or trained in the field is easier than ever with the availability of both online and on campus programs. We would like to take a moment and highlight the duties and responsibilities of this wonderful career.


The job of a baker is experienced in the satisfaction of freshly baked bread, a delicious bite of newly frosted cake, or with the first bite of a breakfast muffin. As one would presume, bakers are expected to follow detailed recipes, mix and measure ingredients precisely, and operate the baking and cooking equipment utilized in their work.


The Life of a Baker Can Be Demanding


That said, beyond the general tasks, there are specialty baking positions that require much more specialized training. For instance, a bread baker may require greater attention to detail and time management skills, as there are very specific techniques and methods involved in the production of some bread.  Pastry chefs will often need some talent in art and decoration, as that too will be a part of their job. They do have to decorate the cakes, after all! In comparison to the previous two, a bakery chef may run an entire bakery. This would require them to manage employees, order supplies, and handle all the recipes to insure the greatest product; all of which can be daunting.


 From wholesale and retail to restaurants and gourmet or specialty stores, bakers are found in a variety of different environments.  Regardless of setting, all bakers are expected to work under strict deadlines, which in turn can cause bakers to have work hours that fall well out of standard workday hours. This is alienating to many, but for others, the love of baking inspires them to thrive in such an environment.


On whole, bakers earn an average of $20,000 to $40,000 annually, with their income often varying based on their education or experience.  While it is possible to start a career in baking with absolutely no formal education in the area to speak of, many employers will opt for those who have received a specialized degree or certification.

 Just like in all jobs, the uniform required can vary, but with increasing technology and better skilled craftsmanship, the uniforms are more comfortable than ever.  Kitchen shoes are far more comfortable than they used to be, and they to make those long days on your feet easier. Likewise, as with many of our products, the clothes are often more resistant to stains, heat and other kitchen wear than clothing or uniforms of the past. 


Follow Your Dreams


Between the availability of education, the ever present demand for talented bakers, and the comfort found in the job, it really never has been easier to be a baker. If it’s your dream to make beautiful pastries, breads and cakes, don’t be afraid to follow your passion and step into a new career path. You really have nothing to lose!

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