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  • June 01 2014 – Robert Fiumara

    Father’s Day: Increase Restaurant Recognition and Loyalty This Coming Holiday

    While there’s no doubt that this year fathers everywhere will be treated to the usual gifts: grilling gadgets, coffee-makers, alcohol, and the standard workplace accessories like ties or pens, there is no question that fathers everywhere will be treated to some time out with the family. This year alone, Americans are expected to spend upwards of 13.3 billion dollars on...

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  • May 29 2014 – Robert Fiumara

    The Impact of Atmosphere in the Dining Experience

    Operating or managing a restaurant can be incredibly demanding and time consuming. All of us struggle daily to provide the highest quality service we can in our field, but what can we do that will have the greatest impact on customer satisfaction? Sure, focusing on the quality of the meals you cook and the service you provide is central, but...

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  • May 28 2014 – Robert Fiumara

    Combating Increasing Food Costs: Is Raising Prices the Right Answer?

    As any restaurant owner knows, as the prices for the goods we rely on to do business increase; we have to negotiate the pricing of the foods and services we provide. It can be a daunting task, as the fear of alienating your patrons is very real. That said, there is some good news on this front.   Considering Raising...

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  • May 15 2014 – Robert Fiumara

    The Benefits of a Set Server’s Schedule

    There’s no question that the restaurant business revolves around the key principle of flexibility, be it for the servers, the managers, or the guests. As a result, staffing needs tend to change from day to day, week to week, or month to month; be it for scheduling time off or for meeting the demands of an increased customer load over...

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  • April 18 2014 – Robert Fiumara

    On Attracting the Target Diner

    Before establishing a restaurant, restaurateurs make multiple decisions. In fact, they customarily draw up a business plan. Included within the pages of this business plan, restaurateurs outline what is known as their target market or a group or groups of individuals they wish to cater to.  As is the case with any business, customers play a vital role in its...

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