Choosing The Right Chef Wear

September 11 2019 – Robert Fiumara

Make Sure You Choose the Right Chef Wear

Your staff needs to have a professional look from top to bottom. Having a quality uniform that is kept in great condition helps set the restaurant employees apart and for a chef, can even show that they are a leader amongst the kitchen staff. No matter the size of the restaurant, having the right equipment and gear to wear is almost as important as having all of the right ingredients for your signature dish.

Of course, there are some who might be new to the field, or who have only worked in smaller eateries before who might not be entirely sure of what they should get. If you are a restaurant owner who is buying the chef wear for your chef, and perhaps other uniform items for the rest of the kitchen staff, you might also be wondering what do buy. The following can help to give you a little bit of guidance when you are making your choice.

Coats, Pants, and Aprons

One of the great things about buying chef wear today is the fact that you have so many choices and styles available. Choosing the perfect chef coat is important and there are many options available for those who want to have a quality, traditional coat that’s white and pristine. There are a variety of options for long and short-sleeved coated, black coats, and more. Options for men and women are available that are about more than just tradition; they are about style. It is possible to find a host of coats that are not only functional, but that also look fantastic.

The same tends to be true when it comes to chef pants. Those who are working in the kitchen or throughout a restaurant need to make sure that they are comfortable and that they are protected. Again, you will find a range of traditional pants, which can pair well with a traditional chef coat. In addition, there are options cargo pants and baggy pants, which can be quite comfy. Pants are a very important part of making uniforms work for all employees.

Depending on the type of work that’s being done in the kitchen, you will likely need to have an apron, as well. There are different styles of aprons including waist aprons, bib aprons, and cobbler aprons. Even the aprons available today are as much about form as they are function.

What About the Headwear?

Quite a few headwear options are available for chef wear, as well. There are skull caps, some of which feature Velcro closures. There are chef head wraps, ball caps, and the traditional poplin chef hat, of course. Which one of these is right for your kitchen?

The Right Shoes Go a Long Way in Comfort, Looks, and Safety

Finally, you will want to make sure that you have the right shoes. Because chefs and many other restaurant employees are on their feet for hours at a time, the shoes need to be comfortable, of course. However, it is also important to make sure that you find slip-resistant shoes. The floor of a kitchen can become slick, so anti-slip shoes will be a huge benefit.

Take the time to find the best shoe for you & your own needs, or for your employees who are working at your restaurant or resort.

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