Trends in Women’s Chef Wear

September 23 2019 – Robert Fiumara

How Women Are Bucking Tradition In Their Chef’s Apparel 

Historically, chef’s apparel has been less-than-flattering – baggy white jackets and pants don’t exactly scream high fashion. In defiance to tradition, many women in the culinary industry are saying “no” to baggy dress clothes and are instead embracing tailored lines and a variety of colors. 

The culinary arts are a creative specialty; why shouldn’t women be able to express the same flair through their clothing? Today’s culinary wear calls for clean silhouettes and items that are functional and fashionable. Learn the trends in women’s chef wear that are defining the modern age. 

Goodbye, Whites 

Traditionally, chefs have worn white to increase their visibility, command a sense of respect, and signify cleanliness. It can be hard to do those things, however, when you’re covered in splatter stains. Today’s chefs are bucking tradition and choosing more flattering coats in shades like charcoal and even black. Darker hues provide an instant update to your look and make you appear more polished by hiding spills (perfect for when you have to make an appearance to accept compliments for your work). 

Rethink the Apron 

Even aprons – the workhorse necessity of all culinary artisans – are getting a facelift. Swap out your old, stained apron for a new model, created in fabrics like denim and canvas. They create a hip, urban vibe while also paying homage to organic and sustainable materials. With durability and stain resistance, aprons in these fabrics will naturally help you look more put together at work while providing the function you need to get through the workday. 

Zippers, Not Buttons 

The traditional chef’s jacket gets an instant update when you swap out the standard buttons for sleek zippers. It provides a sense of edge that subtly communicates that your culinary aesthetic stands out from the crowd. 

From a functional standpoint, zippered jackets make it easier for you to get your jacket off and on again. You can also enjoy more flexibility from venting, and some come with features like thermometer pockets and a tab to help secure your apron. 

Sleeve Length 

A short or three-quarter sleeve is becoming more popular with chefs for a simple reason: it helps keep your outfit cleaner during service. Aside from functionality, opting for a short or ¾ sleeve can help you stay cooler in the kitchen (a must) while helping you stand out from the crowd. 


Chef’s clogs are not only functional but an opportunity to showcase your unique style. While you may be limited in the color and style of your chef’s coat based on management preference, you likely have more freedom when it comes to your feet. Chef’s clogs come in a variety of colors, styles, and patterns. Use them as an opportunity to showcase your personal flair.

The modern age is redefining the way we see chef’s apparel. From new hues and materials, traditional coats and aprons are getting a facelift. Modern chef’s wear combines fashion and function, good tailoring, and clean lines for items that are as beautiful as they are useful.

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