How To Make Sure Your Uniforms Work For All Your Employees

February 12 2019 – Robert Fiumara

The Employees You May Be Failing to Consider When Purchasing Front of House Uniforms

Restaurant owners know some of the most classic staples in front of house (FOH) uniforms – dark colors, aprons, logoed shirts, and so on. However, you may be failing to consider important members of your staff when choosing uniforms.

The guests who eat at your restaurant will notice a variety of different details. The cleanliness of your FOH staff members’ uniforms, the appearance of back of house (BOH) staff in the dining room, and various other aesthetic choices you make all influence their opinion of your restaurant.

Different Uniforms for Different Service Areas

If your restaurant includes a dining area, bar, and kitchen areas, consider having the staff managing the different sections wear different uniforms, but make sure your design choices mesh together well. For example, you could have your bar staff wear more refined service clothing or even just button-up shirts with bow ties for a more upscale appearance. Your FOH staff could wear distinctive uniforms and the BOH staff could have different yet similar uniforms with a complimentary color scheme.

Employees in different areas of your restaurant also have different needs during their shifts. Some employees will get dirtier than others during work hours, and the uniform choices you make influence the overall aesthetics of your restaurant as well as your employees’ ability to do their jobs comfortably.

You wouldn’t want to have your dishwasher wearing a tuxedo for every shift; it is likely your guests won’t even see the dishwasher while eating, so this type of uniform choice simply hinders the dishwasher’s ability to do his or her job comfortably.

Creating Cohesion With Employee Uniforms

Try to keep your color choices limited to two per uniform, but you could consider a third accent color depending on the overall look and feel of your restaurant. For more upscale eateries, minimalism and greyscale color schemes tend to work best, while more casual restaurants can work with edgy and modern uniforms or give the employees the opportunity to wear their own outfits with distinctive aprons or other touches.

Consider Branded Uniforms

Some restaurant owners may want to consider branded uniforms. These can be simple things like polo shirts with the restaurant logo, branded t-shirts for bus staff, or other unique design choices your guests will remember. Branded service attire also creates a sense of professionalism and helps your guests easily recognize your employees. These uniforms will stand out compared to competing restaurants’ uniform choices.

Tips for Bus Staff

Your bus staff members need to be able to reach tables, clean them quickly and efficiently, and then prepare them for new guests in a timely manner. Overly complex or clunky uniform choices can make it difficult for your bus staff to do their jobs efficiently. Consider uniforms that are slightly different than the rest of your FOH staff. Make sure that uniform choices are comfortable and flexible. Also, be sure to encourage employees to wear slip-resistant shoes.

FOH Uniform Tips

Your guests should be able to quickly and easily identify your wait staff when they need them. Make sure your FOH staff members have uniforms that stand out without being a distraction. They should be comfortable, functional, and fit a variety of body types.

BOH Uniform Tips

Your BOH employees require function over fashion. Unless you operate a restaurant with an open kitchen where guests can see from the dining room, you don’t need to worry too much about the aesthetics of your BOH employee uniforms. However, this doesn’t mean you should just have them wear the bare minimum or clunky, unattractive service clothes they don’t enjoy wearing.

Select a BOH uniform choice that complements the FOH staff uniform but is distinct from it. Make sure your BOH staff wear slip-resistant footwear and clothes that allow them to comfortably perform their job duties.

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