How to Choose the Perfect Chef’s Coat

January 29 2019 – Robert Fiumara

Choosing the Perfect Chef’s Coat – What You Should Know

A chef’s coat is perhaps the most distinctive piece of the chef’s uniform beside the classic hat. They serve a multitude of purposes, providing comfort, protection from the elements of the kitchen, storage of a few essential tools, and setting the chef apart from the rest of the kitchen staff.

If you plan to purchase a new chef’s coat in the near future, or you are a restaurant owner thinking of upgrading your chefs’ uniforms, you have several important decisions to make regarding aesthetics and functionality.

Must-Have Features of a Chef’s Coat

Before you start considering your aesthetic design options, you need to select chefs’ coats that offer functionality. The chef’s coat is a distinctive piece of service attire that helps distinguish between cooks and chefs and helps protect chefs from the many dangerous elements of the kitchen. Chefs’ coats have been a staple of the foodservice industry for hundreds of years, and most upscale restaurants and even small diners and eateries have their chefs wear these signature pieces of attire.

Safety is the first vital function you need to consider. Manufacturers make quality chefs’ coats with double-thick cotton which has some level of fire resistance. Chefs need to work around hot surfaces and open flames very often, and a well-made chef’s coat is the first line of defense against serious burns in the kitchen.

Most chefs’ coats are durable enough to prevent cuts from sharp kitchen tools and burns from hot liquids, steam, and cooking surfaces, but breathable enough to help them stay comfortable in a warm kitchen environment.

Chefs’ coats can also help with cleanliness and maintaining a tidy appearance in front of your guests. Double-breasted chefs’ coats allow the wearer to unbutton the top layer of the coat and reverse the front layers to hide spills and stains that commonly occur in kitchens.

If the chef needs to enter the dining area, he or she can easily hide cooking stains by switching up the layers of the coat, and the heavy-duty cotton fabric helps prevent the stained layer from showing.

Pride and Professionalism

Chefs’ coats convey a sense of professionalism to the guests in your restaurant and are a common point of personal pride among professional chefs. Wearing a chef’s coat is a time-honored tradition and most trained chefs take this tradition seriously. Most chefs ensure their chefs’ coats are clean before every shift because they take their profession seriously and want to convey quality and professionalism to everyone who sees them working.

Chefs spend years in culinary school and even more honing their skills. Wearing a chef’s coat is essentially a rite of passage and symbolic of the dedication a chef has to his or her trade. The chef’s coat you select should reflect your dedication to your profession. If you are a restaurant owner outfitting your chefs with new chefs’ coats, the coat should honor the hard work your chefs have done to reach this point in their career and fit with the overall aesthetic of your restaurant.

Choosing the Right Chef’s Coat

Once you find a chef’s coat that offers the functionality and level of quality you expect, the next step is to consider your aesthetic options. White is the traditional color for a chef’s coat because it conveys cleanliness and professionalism.

While a white coat with black and white houndstooth pants is the traditional chef’s outfit, you don’t necessarily need to adhere to this 100%. The houndstooth pattern is great for hiding small spills and stains, but you may wonder if a white chef’s coat is the right color for you and your restaurant.

The functionality of a chef’s coat in terms of breathability, safety, and comfort is a more vital decision, but there are color options as well if you want something other than traditional white. However, white coats have certain benefits and are the traditional choice.

White coats may seem like they are at higher risk of staining, but white cotton is bleachable and it’s easy to keep a high-quality chef’s coat clean and ready for each shift with daily cleaning. Ultimately, white chefs’ coats work well in any kitchen environment and are the standard choice among professional chefs all over the world.

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