Style and Functionality: Making a Statement in Chef Gear

July 06 2018 – Robert Fiumara

Making a Statement in Chef Gear 

The traditional chef uniform has practicality and safety in mind, with a simple and plain appearance. Luckily, there are chef uniforms available these days that offer both style and functionality, so you do not need to limit your chef gear. If you want your uniform to have a little more flair, there are plenty of options and here at Fiumara Apparel. We have the perfect selections for you to consider. 

Unique Fabrics 

The best way to make a statement with your chef gear is by using a unique fabric. Previously, chefs needed to choose between fashion and function when determining which fabric they would use. There are now companies making chef gear such as coats, aprons, and pants that have fun designs, as well as the protective qualities of a reliable chef outfit. 

Many chefs are experimenting with more accessible clothing options for chef’s gear. Denim is becoming a popular choice, especially among chefs in urban settings. Denim helps chefs stay cool in hot kitchens, while also ensuring their outfit will not catch fire if they accidentally get too close to flames. Some designers have caught onto the trend and are creating denim chef uniforms in various colors. 

Cool Hats 

Headgear is a vital part of a uniform for anyone working in a kitchen to prevent hair from falling into the food, from catching on fire, caught in doors, or from kitchen tools accidentally cutting it off. If you have long hair, it can also block your vision, potentially putting you in danger. 

The traditional hats are odd and not very stylish. If you do not want to use a unique fabric for your entire uniform, you can top off your outfit with a fun hat. There are numerous hat options available that provide all the same functions as traditional chef hats while adding a unique flair. Some restaurant chefs even wear bandanas or headbands to keep their hair back, instead of a hat. 

If you decide you want a fun hat, be sure to also pay attention to the safety attributes. For example, you should have a hat that is fire-resistant in case you get too close to a flame in your kitchen. 

Stylish Footwear 

Though less visible than your uniform or hat, you can also spice up your chef gear with stylish footwear. As a chef, you are most likely on your feet for endless hours every day. Having comfortable shoes is an absolute necessity if you want to get through your time in the kitchen. For this reason, you cannot simply find a pair of stylish shoes and use those for the kitchen. They must also be comfortable and able to protect your feet from accidents, such as dropping something heavy on your feet. 

Luckily, companies have started creating chef shoes that have all the necessary safety and comfort features and are also stylish. You can get hip clogs, stylish boots, and other types of shoes that are so stylish you may even want to wear them outside of the kitchen. Though finding unique colors and designs is slightly more difficult, there are footwear options with cool designs if you are willing to look hard. 

Ask First 

Before investing in any stylish chef gear that deviates from the traditional uniform, make sure you ask your employer if it is acceptable. Because of the strict rules and regulations that restaurants need to comply with, some restaurant owners have specific preferences for what they want chefs to wear. The owner may also be trying to maintain a specific aesthetic in the restaurant. No matter how stylish your new chef gear is, you will not be able to show it off if it does not satisfy your boss. 

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