Choosing The Right Apron For You & Your Job

June 16 2018 – Robert Fiumara

Choosing The Right Apron For You & Your Job

Aprons are simple clothing items, but extremely useful in kitchens. If you have the right apron, it can keep your clothes clean from food, give protection, provide storage, and add to your stylish aesthetic. At Fiumara Apparel, we know it’s rare that anything ever comes between you and the food you prepare or serve. However, an apron is one of those very important things that likely will on a regular basis. Made of the most resilient and comfortable material, our aprons provide you with the coverage and protection you need. When considering a new apron, there are numerous things to keep in mind when trying to choose the best option for you, your job, and your kitchen.


The first thing you need to ask is what you will be using the apron for. Different aprons have different benefits, so you need to identify your priorities. In a busy restaurant kitchen, you are most likely going to need a strong apron that can not only protect your clothes from food stains, bit also withstand excessive use or wear & tear.

Using Sharp Tools

Depending on the apron material, the durability of aprons can vary greatly. If you are looking for an apron for your home kitchen, you may not need a heavy-duty apron, because you will most likely not be handling as many sharp, heavy-duty tools as those used in professional kitchens. Though an apron will not completely protect you from harm, it may help prevent small cuts and other minor injuries, so you can keep working in the kitchen without needing to tend to an injury.

How Washable It Is

Another important factor for choosing an apron is whether you need it to be easily washable. Luckily, you can wash most stains out of chef’s aprons by simply putting them through the laundry. However, you cannot easily clean some heavier aprons. Make sure to think about what kind of stains you will deal with and how often you will need to clean your apron. It will be extremely inconvenient if you need to clean your apron every day, and cleaning it is a complicated process.


Consider how much you move around in the kitchen. If the restaurant you work in has a large kitchen and you are often moving from one side to the other, you may want to get an apron that has pockets, so you can store tools and small items in your apron and do not need to constantly walk back and forth or misplacing items.


We know kitchens can get extremely hot. However, personal kitchens do not reach extreme temperatures as often as professional kitchens. Think about how much protection you will need from heat. Certain aprons can better help the wearer stay cool. If you are working in a kitchen that heats up quickly, an apron that can help you moderate your temperature will make you exponentially more comfortable.


Depending on the type of kitchen you are working in and what your role is, the style of your apron may be very important. For example, if you work in a restaurant and often serve customers or help in the front, you are going to want an apron that looks nice, if not exceptional. Simple black aprons are common because they hide stains more effectively and appear more classic and sophisticated. If you are in the market for an apron for your personal kitchen, you will have more freedom with your style. You can choose something simple and plain or something with eccentric patterns. However important the style is to you, be sure to also consider the other factors in your choice.

Apron Fabric

Arguably the most significant aspect – and the one that will determine many of the above qualities – is the type of fabric that makes an apron. The most common fabric is cotton and muslin. They are not water-resistant, so they are ideal for baking or cooking situations that only involve dry ingredients. Aprons made of rubber or nylon are heavier and stronger than cotton and muslin aprons. These aprons are more common in industrial situations, as they provide more protection to the wearer from chemicals and harmful substances. However, they also show up in kitchens where there are more wet ingredients. Leather is the most long-lasting material for an apron. It offers the most protection for jobs where the wearer is exposed to sparks, fire, and other dangerous elements.

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We hope you enjoyed our recommendations for choosing the right apron for you and your kitchen. At Fiumara Apparel, our priority is to secure complete customer satisfaction. Our work defines the benchmark for exceptional quality and impeccable service. We carry a variety of aprons including full bib aprons, waist aprons & three pocket aprons. We guarantee to have the right option for you. We invite you to shop our store today!



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