Embroidery & Monogramming: A Personalized Touch to Your Uniform

October 29 2018 – Robert Fiumara

The Benefits of Custom Monogramming and Logo Embroidery 

Fiumara Apparel knows creating the right look for your company’s image is important. Our versatile arrangements of aprons, pants, coats, and other accessories are made with the right quality and fit just for you. Have you ever considered adding something a little more personalized to your uniforms? Allow Fiumara Apparel’s embroidery and monogramming service to be your choice to create an individualized style for your company’s clothing. 

The History of Embroidery 

Embroidering used to involve artisans using needles and thread to make creative designs on fabric. This art form was believed to have originated in China, where it was initially used to mend clothing and to immortalize important events in history. Today, embroidery texture and design add elegance to logos and monograms on all manner of items. Beads, sequins, and other material can be integrated into embroidery designs. Varying techniques and styles of embroidery are used to form decorative and unique designs on your chef coat and other accessories. 

The History of the Monogram 

A monogram is a combination of two or more initials overlapping in a decorative manner to create a symbol. Monograms are used either as decoration or to show possession. Monogramming was originated by the Greek and Roman rulers, and it became popular in the Victorian era as a sign of prestige. A monogram can be cut, painted, inked, or embroidered onto your company’s apparel, depending upon the materials used. 

Why Use Embroidery or Monogramming on Uniforms? 

Fiumara Apparel understands comfort and style are important to your culinary clients. Adding a tailored symbol or design to your uniform can be the personal touch your look needs to stand out from the rest. Embroidery and a monogram can add a touch of elegance to any apparel you want and give your business an individual look. 

Create a uniform, professional look with an embroidered design of your company’s logo. Combine our various apparel styles with an embroidered monogram or logo to keep consistency throughout your company’s uniforms. The customized design will add style and camaraderie to your staff’s clothing – whether they wear short- or long-sleeved shirts, polos, or coats. Your staff can take pride in identifying as a team. A custom monogram or logo can be embroidered onto hats, aprons, and other accessories to add a uniform look throughout your company’s line of apparel. 

Keep your company’s brand memorable with customized embroidered logos and monograms. Customers will see the time and personal touch you’ve put into your uniforms and other accessories. This element of elegance can help maintain your current customers and influence new customer loyalty. Your personal look will distinguish you from other businesses and could impress and attract new customers. 

Why Choose Fiumara Apparel? 

Fiumara Apparel will help you make the best design decision to distinguish your culinary business from the competition. We take pride in providing world-class chefs with world-class culinary apparel. Our unique style caters to both men and women in the industry. Our custom monogramming and logo embroidery provide one-stop enhancement for all your personalized clothing and accessory needs.

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