Why Your Restaurant Should Consider Going Green

October 09 2019 – Robert Fiumara

Is Your Restaurant Sustainable? 

Companies in every industry are developing an interest in making their businesses more sustainable. Aside from the obvious benefit – reducing waste of the world’s natural resources – going eco-friendly can help improve your brand image. Today’s young consumers are savvy and interested in supporting businesses that match their personal ethos. Taking steps to make your business more sustainable can help you appeal to this target demographic, which is consequently worth the lion’s share of buying power. 

More importantly, making your restaurant more eco-friendly makes for a healthier environment and consumer. You can take a few simple steps to make your restaurant more sustainable – here’s how. 

Start at the Beginning 

Take a holistic view of the amount of waste you produce and how you can make your systems more eco-friendly. Examples may include using biodegradable products (cups and utensils for carry out) or switching to cleaning products free of bleach or ammonia. Buy kitchen mats made from recycled materials curb use of new plastics. 


Simple and effective, composting is a sustainable alternative to dumping leftover food in the waste bin. Composting reduces greenhouse gas emissions and naturally improves soil quality for better plant growth. Consider having a greenhouse or urban garden and grow in-house herbs or veggies with your composting material. 

Buy Local 

Local food not only tastes better because it’s at the peak of freshness, but it also greatly reduces the carbon footprint that your restaurant produces. Buying local may mean that your menu items rotate more frequently to match with the seasons, but most patrons like the variety. As an added bonus, your food will taste fresher, and consumers will love that you support the local economy. 

Find Sustainable Partners 

When you are buying produce and meat from local sources, take care to support farmers that incorporate sustainability into their own practices. This may mean working with organic farmers since traditional forms of farming can create fertilizer runoff that affects the water supply. Other examples of sustainable farming practices include drip irrigation systems, planting arid crops (requiring less water), and farms that compost any leftover produce. 

Purchase Dark Hues for Chefs and Wait Staff 

A white apron really pops when it’s new, but no amount of washing can return it to its former glory – especially after a day or two in the kitchen. When you purchase darker clothes for chefs and wait staff, the look of them will last much longer. Additionally, you can skip the bleach products that hurt the ecosystem. 

Donate Extra Food 

Restaurants end up with a lot of food items at the end of the day. Instead of throwing them in the trash, take the time to donate whatever you can to those who have less. Start by reaching out to a local food bank or non-profit to see if they can help you distribute unused food items. Food donation has several benefits: saving on disposal costs, taking advantage of tax visits, and comfort knowing that you are not letting good food go to waste. 

Making your restaurant sustainable is easier than you think. By taking a few, actionable steps, your restaurant can make a positive and eco-friendly impact.

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