Front of House Uniforms – Edgy or Classic for 2019?

January 28 2019 – Robert Fiumara

How To Bring Your Restaurant Into 2019 With New Front Of House Uniforms

With 2019 just beginning, it’s the right time to consider what your front of house (FOH) staff will be wearing to give your restaurant the fresh look you deserve. Whether you’re opening a new restaurant or you simply want to revamp your old apparel, you should consider whether a classic or edgy scheme best fits your business.

Restaurant owners should consider the unique aesthetic of the restaurant as well as current restaurant FOH attire trends to make good decisions. A few small upscale touches can improve the overall atmosphere of a restaurant and convey a higher level of quality to guests. It is also vital to consider functionality, fit, and comfort for the sake of employees who will wear the new FOH uniforms.

Choosing New Uniforms That Fit Your Restaurant’s Aesthetic

The uniforms you select for your restaurant’s FOH staff members should allow guests to easily identify restaurant employees and also fit in with the overall aesthetic of the restaurant. Some chain restaurants and franchises may not have much flexibility in this aspect if they need to meet corporate staff uniform standards. However, independent restaurant owners have control over their FOH staff uniforms and can change them as they see fit.

A few simple adjustments to the FOH uniform or upscale touches like bowties, suspenders, and leather aprons convey a higher level of quality to the restaurant’s guests. Of course, an independent restaurant owner could invest in a complete overhaul of the entire restaurant, facilities and FOH uniforms included.

This could be a great albeit potentially expensive way to rebuild interest in the restaurant and attract new guests. If you own a restaurant and have the authority to order a FOH uniform change, consider whether a modern edgy look fits your restaurant’s aesthetics or if your FOH would stand out more with professional, upscale service attire.

Casual Edginess Vs. Upscale Classic Fashion for FOH Staff

If you are a restaurant owner thinking about revamping your FOH uniforms, think about the kind of atmosphere you want to create. A more laid-back and casual look for your FOH staff could include denim, grays, and collared shirts that work well with many interior design choices. Some restaurants allow FOH staff to wear their own outfits as long as they don’t interfere with job duties and mesh with the overall aesthetic of the restaurant.

Restaurant owners should also keep millennial preferences in mind; the average millennial in the food service industry likely prefers more comfortable work attire that ensures comfort during long shifts. If your restaurant mainly employs younger FOH staff then an edgier, modern look will likely appeal more to potential employees and help keep them happy at work.

If you own an upscale restaurant and feel like your FOH staff uniforms are somewhat lackluster, it is important to strike a balance between function and fashion. Having your FOH staff wear uniforms befitting a five-star restaurant may seem out of place unless you actually operate a five-star restaurant.

That does not mean your restaurant staff should stick with basic attire. Looking for aesthetic improvements to your FOH uniforms can be an opportunity to explore functional changes that could make your employees more comfortable at work.

Create a New Look for Your Whole Staff

If you plan to update your FOH staff uniforms, consider how you could update your back-of-house uniforms as well, to create a cohesive aesthetic among all your employees. This is especially true for restaurants with open kitchens visible from the dining room. Your staff uniforms should be clean, cohesive, and improve employees’ ability to do their work. Some employees may also require specialized attire for safety reasons, such as slip-resistant shoes for cooks and dishwashers.

A new edgy look for FOH staff can do wonders for more casual, modern restaurants while more upscale eateries benefit from updated professional FOH attire. Ultimately it falls to restaurant owners to make good design choices for these updates, so consider asking your staff members what they would like to see in new FOH uniforms, what type of clothing would make them more comfortable at work, and which options fit the overall motif of the restaurant and create the atmosphere you want your guests to experience.

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