Futuristic Kitchen Products Hit the Market

July 08 2015 – Bold Apps

If you’re a fan of gadgets that add technology to make things easier, you’ll love some of the new kitchen products that are currently flooding the market.  From Bluetooth enabled appliances to 3D printers that promote healthy eating, the era of futuristic kitchen products is here!


If you’re a fan of syncing all of your electronics together and want to further automate your kitchen appliances, GE has launched a range of products that adds Bluetooth to their list of functions.  Chef Connect allows the stovetop to be synced with the microwave or other Bluetooth enabled GE appliances.  This feature is helpful in a number of ways including allowing automatic lighting for the stovetop – when the range burners are turned on, the microwave lights automatically turn on, illuminating the cook surface.  Home chef’s no longer need to flip a switch in order to create light and better prepare their food – Chef Connect does it all for you!  Chef Connect also allows the clocks between appliances to be synced so there will be no more one or two minute differences in time between the appliances.  This feature also makes resetting the time after a power outage more convenient.  You can also use Chef Connect to automatically turn the vent fan on when the range is in use. 


Other technological designs made distinctly for the kitchen include a 3D printer by BioPrinter.  The BioPrinter is made specifically to promote food education for kids to inspire them to make better and healthier food choices.  The 3D printer offers educational features that are environmentally friendly and kid-focused!  Many food industry experts predict that kitchens of the future won’t require cookbooks or cooking cards. Instead, directions will be projected onto cooking surfaces and counters from overhead electronic projectors.  Kitchens will also feature inducing heating that is faster and energy-saving, replacing standards gas or electric ranges.  Top brands like GE, Whirlpool, and Ikea are already working on induction food storage to replace refrigerators and freezers – an idea that might seem far-fetched but could become our reality in less than a decade!  These are just a few of the technological advances professional and home chefs can expect to hit their kitchens in the future!


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