Quirky Restaurant Concepts Making Waves

July 15 2015 – Bold Apps

Instead of your typical dining experience of most restaurants in the United States, many restaurateurs are taking big risks on unique concepts that have diners flooding their establishments.  The restaurant and food industry is fickle and unless you’re an established brand with a loyal customer base, it can be tricky to start something new.  But quirky concept restaurants seem to be the trend for the moment.


One of the biggest trends popping up around the country is The Speakeasy!  But unlike speakeasies of the past – when alcohol was illegal and you were breaking the law by going to a speakeasy – current speakeasies feature plenty of booze and even a show for entertainment.  In Chicago, Tommy Gun’s Garage you can expect plenty of 1920’s flare plus a delicious three-course meal and various cocktails.  Other speakeasies actually require guests to know a password before they’re granted admittance, adding to the fun of the evening!


If you’d like to travel and sight see while you enjoy a meal, check out the themed restaurants that are popping up on trains throughout the country! If you head to Junction, Montana, you can take a ride aboard the Charlie Russell Chew Choo – a restaurant located on an original 1950’s five-car train.  Diners get the one-of-a-kind experience of enjoying a meal and drinks while taking a three-and-a-half-hour around the beautiful countryside of Montana. 


Those with a more international appetite might want to experience the crop of Bavarian restaurants that are gaining in popularity.  From German fare like wiener schnitzel and bratwurst, you can also find that these restaurants serve typical American dishes such as fried chicken, pasta, and even meatloaf.  Most often you can expect the wait staff to be dressed in fun and authentic clothing like lederhosen and dirndl.  Popular Bavarian restaurants include The Bavarian Chef in Fredericksburg, VA; located in a historic train station and The Bavarian Inn, a fine dining restaurant and luxury in located in historic Shepherdstown, WV.


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