Five New Uses for Olive Oil

June 10 2015 – Bold Apps

While you might think of olive oil being used in classic ways:  baking, salad dressings, or to dip bread into – there are some new uses for this tried and true kitchen staple.  If you’re in the mood to use a high-quality olive oil for a flavorful finisher, we have some tips for new uses for the eclectic oil.


Olive oils pairs excellently with creamy flavors including ice cream and yogurt!  Drizzle some of your favorite olive oil on simple ice cream flavors like vanilla, strawberry, or pistachio for a rich finish.  A dash or two of olive oil over your morning yogurt and fresh berries is a great way to wake up the flavors.  You can even combine it with fresh cheeses like goat cheese or stronger cheeses like Pecorino or Parmesan.  It’s a great addition to any cheese plate or appetizer plate!


You can also add olive oil to any raw vegetable or fruit to enhance the flavors and add richness to the crunchy foods.  If you grill these items first you can create a smoky flavor with the olive oil.  Olive oil is also a great substitute for butter on a baked potato or even on toast combined with jam.  You can even stir it into rice, grits, and corn for a sweet summer treat that isn’t lacking in flavor.  Cooks love to use olive oil in baked goods as a substitute for butter including dough and biscuits. 


A surprising way to use olive oil in a brand new way is to combine it with rich chocolate!  Drizzle it over chocolate mousse, ice cream, or sprinkle it over chocolate chunks.  For an even greater flavor enhancement, combine a high quality dark chocolate with a fruity olive oil or one with earthy, smoked undertones.  You probably already know that olive oil goes well in salad dressings but try it in vinaigrette over a simple bowl of greens or drizzle it over roasted vegetables for a mouthful of flavor.  Olive oil also pairs well with cold salads like tuna, potato, or chopped chicken.  The robust flavor is also a great addition to grains and pastas!  Olive oil really is a versatile ingredient than any chef and kitchen should have.



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