Smart Oven Makes Cooking Easier

June 12 2015 – Bold Apps

The June Smart Oven is here to make life easier for home cooks and professional chef’s everywhere!  A design manufactured by two former Apple engineers, the June Smart Oven was created for the sole purpose of making cooking easier and smarter.


Instead of a traditional full-sized oven, June is a countertop device that’s about the size of a microwave oven.  It has a built-in camera and scale and can actually recognize foods and then make recommendations on how to prepare them by providing baking time and temperature suggestions.  The June oven can easily fit a twelve-inch pizza inside of it so it’s great for those who don’t cook often or don’t have large families to prepare dinner for. 


Currently, the smart oven is able to cook a variety of foods like steak, chicken, white fish, and bacon and can even take on some baked goods such as cookies or brownies.  With additional software updates, the creators of June hope to add more foods to the growing list.  For more complex items like a Thanksgiving turkey, June requires the user to insert a metal temperature gauge to assess doneness; much like is required in a traditional oven. 


The June oven also comes equipped with a Wi-Fi enabled video stream that allows cooks to watch their foods progress from afar, in real time!  And, for those who work odd hours or like to snack late into the night, the June oven reaches optimal temperature in seconds with no need to preheat, due to the unique carbon fiber heating elements.  And, while the June oven is quite pricy, starting at $1,495, the creators feel that it’s a perfect investment for the right consumer:  small families and single individuals, particularly.  The oven is also energy-effective, making it the perfect choice for the environmentally conscious!


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