Tips to Help You Cook Faster

May 29 2015 – Bold Apps

If you’re like most people who come home to cook after a long day at work, you want to make it as fast and efficient as possible.  While cooking can be fun and a stress reliever, no one wants to spend hours over a hot stove – especially when they’re tired and have hungry mouths to feed.  Here are some easy tips to speed up your process of cooking!


Before you even begin cooking make sure that you’ve skimmed the recipe over – this will avoid any surprises later on during cooking.  You should do this even if you’re cooking something by memory:  it will help you come up with the exact order of prepping so you can be much more efficient in the kitchen.  Get your oven or any other appliances ready to go by pre-heating them!  Some ovens even come with a delay setting so you can have your oven ready as soon as you walk into the door after a busy day.  Using convection settings will help speed things up and you can always switch back to your regular settings once your food is in the oven.  Make sure that any cookware, baking sheets, or bowls are pulled out before you begin cooking.  It will make it much easier to have everything out instead of scrambling to find that hidden mixing bowl in the back of your cabinets!


Next, if your dish calls for any boiling water, start it as soon as possible.  Cover it with a lid to allow it to boil faster or you can heat water quickly with an electric kettle.  A good trick that we take from cooking reality shows is to fill a big bowl with as many items you need from the fridge or pantry.  This saves you time and energy from running back and forth if you collect all the items you need in one or two trips.  If you don’t have a bowl big enough for the items, you can use a baking sheet to carry them.  If you’re making a recipe that calls for softened butter a great tip that many chef’s use is to grate your stick butter (cold or frozen) into a bowl. It will soften much faster this way!  These tips can make cooking much more pleasurable and efficient and they’re a great way to save time!


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