Why Chef Uniforms Are Important

February 25 2015 – Robert Fiumara

Why Chef Uniforms Are Important

When you think of a professional chef, what’s the first image that pops into your head?  If the iconic chef coat and hat wasn’t the first, you’re in rare company.  The chef is arguably the most important person in the kitchen and can make or break the restaurant he/she works for.  After all, food quality is the number one reason a guest will choose to return or skip the restaurant altogether.  Good food quality means that customers will recommend the chef and restaurant while poor food quality means your restaurant is sure to be skipped over for something better.

Stand Out From The Crowd

Chef’s, just like nurses or Doctor’s, are specialists and a uniform makes them stand out from the crowd.  After all, when you look behind the grill or into the kitchen at a restaurant, and see the tall hat and white apron coat, you’ll know that you’re staring at the chef. The style of hat and coat that a chef chooses can also denote what kind of restaurant you’re visiting.  If the chef is wearing a typical uniform, you can probably expect a traditional meal but if you see that your chef is wearing atypical chef wear, perhaps you’re in for an irresistible and one-of-a-kind meal.  No matter the choice, pants, and coats should fit well but be comfortable enough to allow the chef to move about easily in the kitchen.

Uniforms Are About Safety

But chef uniforms aren’t all about making a fashion statement.  They also serve as important safety tools and if chosen correctly, will protect against hot oil spills, slips, rips, and general wear and tear.  If you choose fire retardant material you’ll have an extra layer of protection for your chefs against kitchen fires – a real concern in professional kitchens.  Hats are also more about safety than personal style. Chef hats ensure that the food is protected from hair while neckerchiefs help absorb perspiration from the chef’s neck.  Being comfortable is an important component of making sure your chefs are happy and enjoy their work.  It’s an easy way to add a touch of professionalism to even the smallest of kitchens.

Affordable, Functional & Professional

The chef apparel that you choose should be affordable, professional, functional, and comfortable. Fiumara Apparel can help outfit any member of your professional kitchen with clothing that will last a long time and give you just as much functionality as they will style and professionalism. With our top notch customer service and no hassle return policy, Fiumara Apparel can help you with all of your kitchen apparel needs.

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