The Reality of Reality Cooking Shows

February 27 2015 – Robert Fiumara


If you’re a fan of reality shows, you already know that often what you see is not what you get.  But when it comes to popular cooking shows, exactly how much of what you see is due to Hollywood tricks?  You might be surprised to find out just how much!


The popularity of shows like Gordon Ramsey’s ‘Hell’s Kitchen’ has portrayed the restaurant environment and, in particular, the kitchen environment as one of cursing, flared tempers, and chef’s who sometimes behave like prima donnas.  But in all reality, a successful kitchen must operate like a well-oiled machine to live up to rigorous standards.   Reality shows often do not show the process of menu planning or even cooking, which one would assume is the most important part of the show.  Instead, dramatic arguments or customer complaints are showcased in lieu of any actual cooking. 


Thinking back on your favorite dishes they were most likely prepared by a loved one and prepared with love or, at the very least, with a modicum of respect and affection.  In fact, one could argue that love and affection are the two most important ingredients of any dish but rarely is that kind of passion or emotion show in a reality TV show kitchen.  For the health of the restaurant, the chef should be the leader of the kitchen:  he should be reserved, confident, and patient, all while encouraging teamwork between his staff.  An educator and disciplinarian, her passion should be reflected in her food and the way she runs her kitchen like a well-honed symphony.  But, that’s not necessarily what makes a good reality show TV.  In fact, viewers often tune in just to see the fights.  So, what does make a successful dining experience?  Let’s look at some qualities that reality TV shows often leave out.


When choosing employee’s to staff your restaurant, you’ll want to consider their individual skills and what they’re bringing to the table.  For example, if you’d like your restaurant to be well known for an extensive wine selection, consider hiring a sommelier that can help your customers make the right selections.  In addition, a wait staff and front of house staff that are experienced can help things run much more smoothly, especially with a new and upcoming restaurant.  In addition to meeting customer needs expediently, experienced waiters and hostesses can also help train newer, less experienced staff during soft openings. 


Of course, a huge component of a quality dining experience lies in the appearance of the overall restaurant, dining area, and staff.  You should ensure that your staff and chef’s are all professionally dressed in well-fitting and well-made attire.  Fiumara Apparel has a broad and affordable selection of chef wear, front of house attire, aprons, shoes, and vests.  With our quality merchandise, satisfying customer service, 100% guarantee, and our no-hassle return policy; we can outfit your staff in the finest of products. 


If you’re looking for accessories like kitchen towels or gloves; we can also help with that!  We even stock headwear including vented chef head wraps, skullcap beanies, and baseball caps!  Let Fiumara Apparel help you outfit your kitchen staff with the finest and most affordable products on the market today!

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