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February 18 2015 – Robert Fiumara


An often-overlooked method of watching great cooking shows is YouTube!  YouTube stars have had great success with featuring their cooking skills online and have often parlayed this into cable TV shows, cooking jobs, or book deals!  Finding the best of the best can be overwhelming considering there are thousands of online cooking shows, but Fiumara Apparel is here to help.  Let’s take a look at some popular and wonderful cooking shows available for viewing via YouTube.


Nerdy Nummies


Hosted by Rosanna Pasino, Nerdy Nummies is the closest to a traditional cooking show that YouTube has to offer.  Using her love of all things nerdy, Pasino leads viewers through steps to make food based off the latest and greatest nerd-culture movies, books, television shows, and video games.  Popular items include cupcakes based off of the “Bomberman” video game, as well as “Adventure Time” snail cinnamon rolls.  Pasino regularly schedules guest chef’s to assist her in making all of her culinary creations.


Epic Meal Time


Epic Meal Time is a Canadian YouTube cooking show that is hosted by Harley Morenstein and his favorite friends who aren’t afraid to show their love of bacon.  Epic Meal Time features foods that are, well, epic.  From a couch made of potatoes to Korean BBQ Lasagna, Epic Meal Time focuses on creating culinary delights that are far from healthy and often delve into downright glutinous.  Bacon plays a role in every meal they make.


My Drunk Kitchen


Perhaps the most popular of all YouTube cooking shows, host Hannah Hart got her start when she filmed herself drinking while preparing dinner.  That’s the way every episode of My Drunk Kitchen goes:  Hart prepares a drink (sometimes more than one) and creates delicious food. While it might not be great for Hannah’s liver, it’s certainly one of the most entertaining YouTube cooking shows available.  Hart’s witty brand of humor and simple recipes combined with her intoxication is a one-of-a-kind experience.



F***, That’s Delicious


First, a warning:  most of the videos contain salty and foul language.  Looking past that, F***, That’s Delicious features rapper Action Bronson’s music while Bronson himself takes viewers on a tour of the culinary delight’s of the city he’s currently touring.  Sometimes, he even joins the fun and whips up a cooking creation himself.  A bit like Anthony Bourdain’s popular show, No Reservations, viewers who appreciate good music, food, and travel will love F***, That’s Delicious – but remember, it’s not for the under 18 crowed!


Cooking With Dog


Cooking With Dog features a human host as well as a canine one!  Francis, a well-groomed poodle, and her mysterious human sous chef whose name is not known, prepare a variety of dishes together.  While most of them are Japanese dishes, sometimes you’ll find other culinary delights featured.  Francis narrates the show in English in case your Japanese isn’t up to par, and while he might close his eyes every once in a while, rest assured that he’s still listening and watching.  Relaxing and informative, Cooking With Dog, is a new twist on the popular cooking shows of the past.


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