Product Spotlight: Foodie Edition

February 12 2015 – Robert Fiumara


Do you have a ‘foodie’ in your life?  A foodie is defined as a person who has a particular interest in food, particularly gourmet food!  Foodie’s love to experience different and unique culinary treats and enjoys recreating these menu items in the comfort of their own kitchen.  Let’s take a look at some one-of-a-kind products that foodie’s will covet.


First off, in any foodie kitchen, you’ll find a unique array of bar equipment.  From elaborate instruments that can remove wine corks with little to no effort, you’ll also find an array of bartender sets.  The Squalo 7-Piece Bartender Set by Berghoff includes top-of-the-line items that will make preparing beverages easy and fast! The set includes a:  garlic press, pizza cutter, nutcracker, bottle opener, corkscrew, and a can opener; in a convenient and stylish wooden stand. It’s easily transported so it can be moved around quickly at parties and since all the tools are easy to use, you won’t need to don your chef coat or read a manual to figure them out!


Every good foodie loves chocolate and every good foodie is in need of a fondue kit!  With the CocoaHeart Fondue Fountain by Sephra, the foodie in your life will have all they need to quickly and easily create some sweet treats!  And, this fondue set isn’t just for chocolate lovers!  You can also add savory items like cheese, caramel, or barbecue.  This fondue sets also serves thirty to forty guests making it ideal for home use and for small to medium sized events.  As a bonus, this fountain comes with four pounds of Sephra’s ready-to-use chocolate!


Next on our list is the Belgium Style Waffle Baker by KitchenAid for the foodie who loves large and fluffy Belgian waffles!  This clever design features a timer and a cooking surface that will never stick.  With this waffle baker, you’re able to produce fresh and hot waffles in less than five minutes.  Cleanup is simple and done with just a quick wipe of the surfaces with a wet cloth. 


These are just a few items that foodies will love and put to good use! If your foodie is in need of affordable and stylish chef-wear, check out the wide selection from Fiumara Apparel!  From chef coats, hats, and shoes; Fiumara Apparel has everything that a foodie or professional chef needs to get a leg up on the competition.  With our fantastic customer service and risk-free guarantee, Fiumara Apparel is the number one choice for all of your restaurant apparel needs!

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