Young Adults Getting in on the Cooking Show Craze!

November 21 2014 – Robert Fiumara


Fans of Gordon Ramsay, take note! Soon you’ll be able to see his daughter, Tilly Ramsay, in her new show Matilda and the Ramsay Bunch. The thirteen-year old is following in her famous Father’s footsteps as she takes the helm of her own reality show, to be featured on UK channel, CBBC. The show will follow Tilly’s culinary surprises as she and her family spend a year in Los Angeles. Tilly is just one more in the recent line of young adults who are showing off their culinary skills on TV!


MasterChef Jr. and the Young Adult Phenomena


Season two of MasterChef Jr. premiered to rave reviews and high ratings. While adult stars of cooking shows can be cutthroat and even MasterChef Jr. host Gordon Ramsay is known for his acerbic personality, MasterChef Jr. participants are often eager and confident – a stark contrast to other reality shows. Ramsay is often seen stepping in to assist the young chefs and providing encouragement – something that he’s not known for, especially in shows like Hell’s Kitchen.


Indeed, many critics say that what makes shows featuring young chefs so popular is watching the sheer delight participants display while cooking. Instead of seasoned, professional chefs who are working toward career advancement, these children are enjoying the act of cooking and creating. Another thing missing from MasterChef Jr. and shows like it: backstabbing, drama, and viciousness. Competitors are often seen helping one another, offering advice and assistance without being asked, and giving one another encouragement and praise.


Cooking with Children Promotes Health Habits


Even more encouraging about the recent success of cooking shows featuring children is a study that suggests children who cook or help their parents prepare meals may eat healthier! Young adults who were more involved in meal preparation chose options like fruits, vegetables, and fresh foods more than unhealthier options.


Recently, a new coffee table book focusing on celebrities cooking with their children debuted. Cooking With Ellamarie, Celebrities, and Kids is a book filled with recipes and kitchen experiences shared by celebrities and their children. Featured in the book is Danny Glover who bakes cookies with his grandson, Eva LaRue and her daughter, and many others. Even celebrity chefs such as Thomas Keller are featured in the book.


When involving kids in the kitchen, make sure to let them have kid-friendly tasks: grating cheese, tearing lettuce, and mashing potatoes are great jobs for kids. Just keep in mind age and skill-level and all will be right in the kitchen. Who knows? Maybe your child will end up making an appearance on MasterChef Jr!


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