Turkey Tips: Advice for a Fabulous Thanksgiving

November 20 2014 – Robert Fiumara


If you’re a David Letterman fan, you might have seen actress Katie Holmes make an appearance on the late-night show and reveal plans that she’ll be attempting her own Thanksgiving feast this year. Let’s look at some ways for you to make the most of your culinary strengths at home!


Consider Local Restaurants, Meal Prep and Leftovers!


Side dishes like stuffing, mashed potatoes, salad, and roasted vegetables are fairly simple to make in your own kitchen. However, consider that they’re also inexpensive and just as delicious to purchase from your own local restaurants or grocers. Purchasing these as pre-made sides will free up your time in the kitchen and let you relax with family and enjoy the holiday. And, once you transfer the sides to your own serving dishes, no one will be the wiser!


Making a menu and a plan of attack for your Thanksgiving meal will help you with time management and also help you avoid any unforeseen disasters. Things like a rub for your Turkey, gravy, pies, and soups can be made ahead of time and frozen or refrigerated and then reheated on Thanksgiving. There’s no need to don a chef’s hat or coat or have a complex menu to make a successful Thanksgiving meal.


Make a Thanksgiving List… and Check it Twice!


Start making a list of things you want to achieve a couple of weeks before Thanksgiving and pin it to your refrigerator, markings tasks off as you accomplish them. Tedious tasks, like setting the table and arranging the centerpieces, can all be done the night before. Giving your guests directions on where to grab drinks or appetizers - and if they should serve themselves - can be done as you welcome people to your home.


The only thing sure about Thanksgiving and other holiday dinners is that you will have leftovers. Instead of packing them all up into your refrigerator, send them home with your guests! Individual boxes to pack up extra slices of pie are available for a bargain at discount party stores. Ask friends, family, or search the internet to come up with recipes that incorporate all of your leftovers.


Whatever the plan is for your holiday get together, make sure not to over plan. Enjoy the day, realize that things don’t have to be perfect, and remember to give thanks – after all, that’s what the holiday is all about!


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