Monthly Roundup: Four Trends to Watch!

November 18 2014 – Robert Fiumara


As 2014 starts to wind down, let’s take a look at four trends that you should keep your eye on.


Hot Honey:  The New Sriracha


Sriracha Sauce, that hot, spicy sauce made from chili peppers and a staple of kitchens everywhere, is a trend no one saw coming.  Now, hot honey is on the way.  That’s right, honey infused with chilis, chipotles, and other hot peppers will be arriving to a tabletop near you.  This trend began in South America is on its way to the States. Like any great condiment, what makes hot honey so exciting is its versatility.  Hot honey fans drizzle it on pizza, chicken, fresh fruits, and hot biscuits and say that not only does the hot honey spice up dishes, but also adds a layer of depth thanks to its floral qualities of both the honey and the infused peppers!


Fast Casual:  It Worked for Chipotle


With the staggering success of the Chipotle chain, it’s no wonder that some of today’s most popular chefs and restaurateurs are getting in on the action!  Look for fast casual chains featuring comfort foods to pop up everywhere - like Houston’s Funky Chicken, which offers quality, low-priced fried chicken, in a fun atmosphere.  Fast casual noodle and burger joints are also on the way and may provide real competition to older fast food chains, like McDonalds and Noodles & Company.


Retail Stores add Dining-in Options


Look for retail chains to start adding dine-in options!  Taking a cue from Bloomingdales and grocery chain Wegman’s, retailers are increasing their profits by adding restaurants so customers don’t have to stop shopping when they’re hungry!  The plus of adding fine dining to upscale clothing chains is that these customers can typically afford a higher-priced meal and don’t mind paying a little more for better quality.


Small Plates on the Rise


Look for smaller plates to spring up!  Restaurants are offering smaller plates to encourage customers to control portions and calories, while also sampling tasty menu items.  Small plates are typically served among a group of people who share the food, and get a bite or two of each plate.  Small plates also encourage diners to try different things, and at a lower price point that most entrees, small plates offer an affordable treat to even the most frugal of diners.


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