Long Days On Your Feet: The Importance Of Footwear

December 17 2018 – Robert Fiumara

Standing All Day On Your Feet? Get Comfortable Shoes Now!

Standing on your feet all day can be uncomfortable, especially if you’re not wearing the proper shoes. Research reveals thousands of workdays are lost due to lower back, leg, and foot pain. Fiumara Apparel understands that your shoes should not only look good but should also make your workday as comfortable as possible. 

Say No to Flats 

Wearing high-heeled shoes is not the best or most comfortable option when you work on your feet all day. Flats, contrary to popular belief, are not the best option for people who spend long periods of time standing for work. Good arch support is important to help reduce weakness and soreness in the legs and feet, and it also helps to prevent back pain. It is best to wear a shoe with an elevated heel between ¼ inch and 2 inches. Using orthopedic insoles is an excellent option for added support for your arches. If you want stylish shoes that don’t provide adequate support, be sure to size them properly so you have room to accommodate adding appropriate insoles. This will let you have the best of both worlds: style and support for your arches.

The Correct Fit 

Make sure to get your feet measured for the correct size shoe. Wearing shoes that are too small could cause poor circulation to your feet, cause blistering, and make walking and standing unbearable. Wait until late afternoon to get an accurate measurement; feet usually swell during the day, so it’s important to measure them when they’re at their largest. 

Clogs and Other Styles of Shoes 

After you’ve received an accurate measurement of your feet, it’s time to shop for the right style of shoes to fit your needs: 

  • Chef clogs are widely used in the restaurant industry because they provide maximum comfort and great footing on kitchen floors. Clogs are available in leather, suede, or plastic. The foot bedding is designed to alleviate pressure and absorb impact while walking. The bottoms of clogs are anti-skid, which helps to prevent slips and falls.
  • Purchasing a shoe with a large toe box will allow for wiggle room. This helps provide extra comfort during the workday since feet swell as the day progresses.
  • A shoe with laces will help keep your feet secure, preventing them from sliding while you walk and protect you from injury.
  • Shoes that are skid- and oil-resistant give an added sense of safety while in the kitchen and while serving orders to customers. 

Additional Foot Care 

Pain and discomfort in your legs, back, and feet are often due to muscle stiffness. Try to sure to stretch your muscles every hour to help alleviate the aches throughout your lower body. Calf raises will decrease the accumulated blood in the feet and increase circulation throughout the body. Try extending one leg behind you while pushing against a wall to help stretch out your lower back as well as your leg muscles. 

Fiumara Apparel offers an array of choices in shoe wear to accentuate your uniform while giving you maximum comfort and support for your workday.

Give Your Feet A Break: Shop Fiumara Apparel 

Effective, comfortable & stylish kitchen shoes are in the best interest of employees and employers alike who spend long periods of time on their feet. Shop shoes at Fiumara Apparel for your choice of the highest quality, proven chef shoes on the market.



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