Why Front of House Staff Should Dress to Impress

August 24 2018 – Robert Fiumara

Dressing to Impress for Front of House Staff 

In this age of reviews and brand management, appearances really can be everything when it comes to the reputation of a restaurant. Customers often judge their dining experiences based on the appearance of the establishment and the people who work there as much as the customer service and food quality. 

The front-of-house is one of the most important places to let your staff shine. First impressions from the restaurant host can set the tone for the rest of a guest’s visit. If you currently doubt the impact of front-of-house staff apparel on the rest of your operation, these reasons to wear uniforms may have you reconsidering. 

Simplify the Dining Process

Letting your front-of-house dress casually may seem like a good idea if you run a laid-back type of establishment, but in reality, it can cause confusion for your guests. It can be frustrating for guests if there’s no easy way to distinguish restaurant staff members from customers in the crowd of casually-dressed people milling about. Someone searching for the host or for a waiter, for example, may get sick of stopping random customers for answers. Nametags might not be visible or effective enough to take the place of full uniforms, especially when it comes to your leading front-of-house workers. 

Add a Splash of Color or Class 

Employees’ uniforms don’t have to be bland or boring. With the wide range of front-of-house uniforms and accessories available today, it’s easier than ever to find a uniform look that meshes with your goals for branding. The right uniforms for front-of-house can attract the right kind of attention from customers and even people passing by. Buying your staff uniforms may seem like a hefty investment, but the good it can do for your customers’ dining experiences will be worth it when positive reviews start to roll in. 

Promote Your Brand

Another major benefit of enforcing uniforms is the opportunity to promote your restaurant’s brand. You can purchase custom uniforms with your company’s colors, logos, and catch-phrases and benefit from walking advertisements. Uniforms give you the chance to choose a theme, tone, or style and emphasize it in what your staff wears. Tasteful and creative uniforms can help set your restaurant apart, increase word-of-mouth advertising, and boost brand awareness in your community. 

Keep Your Team Safe 

Safety is key in running a successful food and beverage establishment. One of the ways you can increase your staff’s safety is through protective dress and footwear. Establishing uniforms can put you in control over the safety and quality of the clothes and shoes your front-of-house team wears, helping you reduce the risk of dangers such as slip and fall accidents. A well-dressed staff is about more than just aesthetics: the safety of your crew could be on the line, too. 

Achieve a Polished and Professional Look

Last but certainly not least, uniformed front-of-house staff members immediately give your restaurant a polished and professional look and feel. No one wants to eat at an establishment where the quality is questionable in first impressions. Sloppy, mismatched, and unprofessional hosts can give off an unpleasant vibe and ultimately result in lost business. Avoid this problem by investing in clean, high-quality, and attractive uniforms for your employees to wear. Dressing to impress can do just that – positively influence the way customers see your brand from the very first time they walk through the doors. 

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