How to Use Instagram to Boost Your Restaurant Business

August 16 2018 – Robert Fiumara

Using Instagram to Boost Your Restaurant Business 

Food blogging is as popular as ever. If someone likes the look of their meal, it is likely that they will take out their phone and post a photo on social media. This development can either help or hurt a restaurant. If used correctly, however, social media applications like Instagram can benefit your restaurant business. Try these tips to effectively utilize Instagram to boost your business. 

Post Pictures of Especially Impressive Plates 

These days, it is vital to have an Instagram account for your restaurant and to frequently post so that more people will follow you. On your account, post pictures of impressive plates. They could be new features or old classics. Be intentional about how you set up the picture. Set the plate in front of a plain background and use natural lighting to enhance the image. 

Post Behind-the-Scenes Pictures 

Along with photos of your dishes, post pictures on Instagram of behind-the-scenes workings. Take photos of cooks preparing for a dinner rush, taste tests in the kitchen, or other activities that are a part of running a restaurant that most people never see. This will engage people and make your business seem more personable. 

Partner with a Food Blogger 

With social media becoming a massive part of society, more people are adopting blogging as a profession, dedicating their time to grow their online presence. Identify a popular Instagram food blogger and reach out to them. Try to build a relationship so that they will post about your restaurant on their account. If they post positive information about your restaurant, you will have access to an entirely new audience, and it will help attract new people to your business. 

Keep it Short and Witty 

Instagram users do not want to read a long caption. You will draw in more people with short, witty captions. Few people will take the time to read your caption if it is a novel.  A good rule of thumb is to keep the caption to the length of a tweet. This also makes it so people can share your post on their Twitter accounts. 

Engage with Customers 

A surefire way to increase your followers is to engage them on Instagram. Start a poll or ask customers to send in recommendations for the name of a new dish or beverage. People will come to your restaurant if you show an interest in interacting with them on Instagram. 

Use the Video Option 

Instagram videos are an ideal tool for restaurant social media accounts. Not only are people generally more intrigued by videos than pictures, Instagram videos are a great opportunity to feature customers. Take a video (with the person’s permission) of someone celebrating a birthday at your restaurant, or of some customers raising their glasses to toast the weekend. You can also post short videos highlighting certain employees so that your customers can learn something about the workers. It will make your restaurant feel more welcoming and personable. There are endless creative ways that you can utilize videos. 

Encourage Customers to Post on Their Accounts 

Similar to using a popular food blogger to share your restaurant, encourage customers to post about you on their personal accounts. It will increase your visibility and introduce your business to a group of potential patrons. You can offer prizes to increase the incentive for people to post on Instagram. Offer free meals to people who post especially impressive photos. Award people who get a certain number of likes on a picture in your restaurant. Make sure everyone posting uses the same hashtag so that people can access the posts when looking up your restaurant on Instagram.

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