When Is a Shipping Crate Not a Shipping Crate? When It’s a Restaurant.

September 23 2013 – Robert Fiumara

An interesting new trend is starting up in Canada, the United States, and in other countries across the globe. It is part activism and part wow factor and it’s bringing in trendy young diners who want to eat gourmet street dishes and makes a stand at the same time.  This latest trend is to remodel metal shipping containers and load them with compact kitchen equipment and turn them into full service restaurants.


These new eateries are more permanent than the pop up restaurant and a food truck, but still retain their whimsical sense of impermanence. While the containers are too small to allow for indoor seating, they are able to be modified to the style and sensibility of any restaurateur and at (in many places) less than half the cost of opening a store front. One of the most popular restaurants in Victoria, Canada is a little seafood place that arrived in a shipping crate once used to transport Hummers.  It was painted a bright orange and blue and was upgraded with kitchen equipment.  The added benefit of the shipping container restaurant is that if the location isn’t serving the business, these containers can be moved to other locations just like a food truck, but with the four walls and the semblance of permanence of investing in a building.


Muvbox, one of the companies that puts these restaurant in a box businesses together first opened in 2009. They specialize in outfitting these containers with kitchens and walls that unfold to allow the public access.  With two sizes available there is really a limitless number of options for how to set up your restaurant. Even at their more expensive price range of $120,000, this option is far more cost effective than a standard building.  The simple construction offers restaurateurs a blank slate upon which they can build the restaurant of their dreams.


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