Fiumara Apparel Celebrates Food Day

October 15 2013 – Robert Fiumara

October 24th is Food Day.  Not familiar with this particular holiday?  That’s because it’s a new celebration that is culmination of a grassroots campaign aiming to get people to eat healthier and to eat more locally grown and sustainable foods.  This nationwide movement is a call for people to cut back on sugary sodas and juices, packaged foods with high sodium content, fatty, factory-farmed meats and processed frozen foods.  Instead, they want the focus to be on fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and locally raised proteins that have a smaller impact on the environment.


There are food day events all across the country with speakers, demonstrations and delicious samplings of local cuisine that specialize in healthy, home grown ingredients. The movement calls this type of eating, “Eating Real.”  This focus on healthy eating comes from the studies done on the typical American diet and the resulting health problems like diabetes, heart disease, and obesity.  The minds behind Food Day are also concerned about the toll on the environment that so much meat eating can take.


The movement uses Food Day to celebrate healthy eating and as a call to action for those who are interested in taking part, to help get themselves and their friends and family on a healthier track for eating and changing the food mindset.  The organization wants to use Food Day as a way to take a hard look at the typical American diet which is filled with processed foods, saturated fats, and tons of salt and sugar.  They also want to focus on the positive changes that “Eating Real” can cause. “With America’s resources, there’s no excuse for hunger, low wages for food and farm workers, or inhumane conditions for farm animals.


This October 24th, will you be joining the movement?  Do you believe, as many others do, that the US is in dire need of a culinary paradigm shift? Or do you support the “diner beware” way of thinking, putting the responsibility on the individual?


Fiumara Apparel is always in favor of delicious healthy eating and supporting the culinary benefits to our readers regardless of their opinion.  We would love to hear if and how you plan to implement healthy eating into your life.  Leave a comment and let us know!


For more information about Food Day check out the official webpage here:    

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