Taking Food Celebrity To The Next Level: Alton Brown

September 11 2013 – Robert Fiumara

There are those who are classified as food celebrities because they own famous restaurants or because they scream profanities that are bleeped out by television. Some are classified for their whimsical cooking shows or television series that capitalizes on the American love of watching their food as well as eating it. Then there are some who’s force of personality is so strong that you can’t but know who they are and somehow, regardless of professional training or a lack thereof, manage to have their face plastered all over tv, books, magazines and billboards. And then, there are the special few that are so spectacularly unique that they stand alone, outside of any easily defined category.


Alton Brown, most well-known for his role as all knowing commentator for Iron Chef America and sharing his encyclopedic knowledge of all things food on his quirky cooking show, Good Eats, is a prime example of this. Brown seems to gain a rare kind of pleasure from the science behind culinary arts. Often on his show, he uses over-the-top and whimsical, if not hilarious, visual aids to teach viewers about the reason merengue stays stiff or why searing meat before cooking retains the ultimate flavor. The culinary Mr. Wizard is also host to The Next Iron Chef—the reality show that pits top class chefs against each other for the ultimate title of Iron Chef. Brown will be the first to say that he hates reality television and that he is proud of the fact that The Next Iron Chef is more about cooking than about being “real” for television.


Recently the bow-tied aficionado has decided to bring his particular brand of food geekdom to the people. He’s going on tour with a live show that incorporates food experiments, live music, and, of course, cooking. Rumors say that the show could get pretty messy so ponchos could be made available for those in the front rows.  For more information about Alton’s tour visit the official website: http://www.altonbrowntour.com/shows/palm-desert.


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