Fiumara Apparel is Proud to Introduce SIKA Footwear

March 20 2013 – Robert Fiumara

We here at Fiumara Apparel are dedicated to bringing you the best in every way.  We work hard to build significant relationships with the best designers and manufacturers in the industry so that you have a one-stop location for all of your professional apparel needs.   This is why Fiumara Apparel is so excited to bring you the news that we have recently partnered with SIKA Footwear.


Since 1870 SIKA began as a family production of clogs that started in Herning. Until 1979, the company manufactured, primarily, clog used for retail trade under the brand name Koala.  After that, their focus switched to manufacturing safety shoes for industry workers.  SIKA started distributing these safety shoes and that became the basis for their current production line. They focus on their product development and making sure that each pair of shoes that they put out have been “created to work.”  They hold each pair manufactured to the highest standards of safety, health, comfort and durability.


SIKA makes it their priority that all of their shoes encompass reliability, value and creativity.  They strive to make every product one that will last throughout the long, and often, grueling days.  They build each pair of shoes using the finest materials so that every pair lives up to the value. Their creativity in meeting the challenge of creating shoes that will be the perfect fit in any professional situation is unparalleled.



Fiumara Apparel is pleased to announce this new partnership. We have worked hard to make sure that we bring you the ultimate in every area of professional apparel.  By building a relationship with SIKA, we are taking another step in that direction.  Our latest partnership with SIKA means that we will be able to bring you the highest quality in professional footwear and continue to add to the variety of options that match your needs and your budget.


Take a look at three of our newest offerings from SIKA. 


The Birchwood Comfort Clog

The Fusion Clog

The Birchwood Clog With Open Back


These professional shoes are comfortable, safe, durable and are sure to keep you on your feet for as long as you can stand it.

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