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March 08 2013 – Robert Fiumara

“Flipping the Script” seems to be the over-arching theme of restaurants in 2013.  The culinary industry, on the whole is all about satisfying the next craving or meeting the next demand in the food movement.  This is why we have seen previous trends of healthier, local, more fresh ingredients combined with entertaining and mind blowing gastronomy.  Dinner has become more than simple sustenance over the years.  The culinary industry has taken a trip down the lane of food as entertainment.


 This year’s trends are keeping up with the concept of meeting the desires and hedonistic needs of today’s diners.  Some restaurants have noticed that their clientele is waning in their desire for multiple small plates that allow them to sample a wide range of dishes.  This is a phenomenon that is being referred to as “tasting fatigue.”  In response to this, many restaurants have gone to the opposite extreme and are now offering large “family style” plates, typically for tables of 4 or more and utilizing larger local game like wild pheasant, a whole chicken or other fare that would normally be broken down and served in smaller portions.


Another trend that it turning tradition cuisine on its ear is the rising concept of making savory items sweet and sweet items savory.  This is particularly true when it comes to fruits and vegetables.  The American and western European palate is very used to sweet desserts and certain flavor combinations.  The recent trend is to take those traditions and turn them into something else.  Dessert items like beet and goat cheese cheesecake are making strong appearances on menus.


The Asian influence on cuisine has not faded and, in fact, has made an even stronger presence in this year’s list of trends in the form of using more fruit in savory dishes.  Granted, it will likely be the more tart versions of the fruit that will see their way into entrees, but you will also see Asian influence being added to traditional American comfort food recipes.  It’s trends like this that keep diners on their toes and searching for the next new thing.


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