What Does It Mean to Have a Master Chef Working in Your Kitchen?

April 01 2013 – Robert Fiumara


Over the last couple of years the title of “Master Chef” has come to mean different things. With the debut of the Gordan Ramsey reality cooking show, it has meant a home cook who has won a televised competition and has signed a cookbook deal or a cooking show contract and won a significant amount of money.  However, in professional kitchens, being deemed a “Master Chef” is a tremendous honor. 


In professional circles, a chef who has been given a title of “Master” has been inducted into the highly exclusive and equally prestigious French culinary society of Maitre Cuisiners de France.  These chefs are masters of their craft and have dedicated themselves to the preservation and cultivation of French culinary traditions. 


The selection process for the new Masters are not widely known beyond basic criteria, but  any chef who is being considered for the title of Master but meet the following qualifications:  The chef must be French Citizens (this does not mean that they must be French nationals), be at least 25 years of age, have 10 years of experience, two mentors, and must be nominated by a current Master chef for the title.


This is not a title that is widely publicized or televised.   The title is given during a ceremony that is based on ritual and rite and is attended by Master Chefs from all over the world.  Reaching this pinnacle point is, for any chef, a major feather in the cap.


If you have the good fortune to hire a Master Chef to your kitchen team, you know that you will be hiring a true professional who will treat your kitchen and your staff the same as an artist treats his tools. There is a love and dedication that belongs to a Master Chef that is not easy to find anywhere else.


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