Design Is As Important As Taste

February 28 2013 – Robert Fiumara

When considering the fine dining experience, a restaurant is able to offer something to appeal to each one of their diner’s senses.  The well-prepared meal appeals to a diner’s sense of taste.  Their sense of smell is piqued by the mouth watering aromas coming from the kitchen.  Many chefs know that a diner eats with their eyes as much as their mouths, so a lot of work goes into the presentation of each plate.  However, many restaurant owners do not think to put the same amount of care and effort into their restaurant décor.


Nothing can ruin a dining experience quite like tacky or ill designed décor.  A restaurant’s décor is not just the artwork on the walls or the type of plates that are used.  Décor is everything from the ground up including the appearance of the front of house and kitchen staff.  When little thought it put into the décor of a restaurant, it says that the owner doesn’t care about that, so why should they care about their customers. 


 Many restaurant owners do not intend to send this kind of message, that’s why shows like The Food Network’s Restaurant Impossible are so popular.  Professional chef and successful restaurateur, Robert Irvine helps failing establishments get back on their feet by taking a look at what is really bringing them down.  In many cases he has to deal with the failure trifecta of bad food, slovenly staff and confusing or dirty décor.


Changing the quality of the food is a challenge he is well suited for, but even he brings in experts to help with the physical facelift of some of these restaurants.  They typically work with a budget of $10,000 to update the restaurant to offer diners a stellar dining experience, guaranteeing that they will be back with their friends.  Fiumara Apparel understands this concept and works hard to bring you the best in professional culinary attire.  We may not be able to give you a ten thousand dollar budget to work with, but we proudly offer you the highest quality culinary apparel at incredibly affordable prices.


Let us help you make your restaurant staff the best-dressed professional culinary team out there.  Check out our latest offerings both for the kitchen and the front of house.

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