Restaurants Are Benefitting From Consumer’s Desire for Healthier Options

February 11 2013 – Robert Fiumara

If you think that the rash of “under 500 calorie” meals being advertised by major food chains is a fluke, you would be wrong.  Restaurant chains like Applebees, Chilis and other well known restaurant chains are now offering healthier, low calorie options to their consumers and while it may be helping their diners slip down, it is certainly fattening up their bottom line.

The Hudson Institute recently released a study that showed conclusively that the recent trend in the United States is for diners to order more health conscious meals.  Those restaurants that have invested in low calorie options for their menu have experienced a rise in revenue, especially when compared with those chains that have not made such investments.

This study does focus specifically on major restaurant chains and not on small independent restaurants, though the increasing trend of promoting healthy, local, fresh ingredients is showing a profit there as well.  American diners are beginning to put their money where their mouth is and are showing that they are willing to pay for healthy meals.  This trend fits in nicely with the recent health trend that has been making itself very popular over the last five years. 

Americans have become obsessed with weight and becoming healthy.  Television shows like The Biggest Loser are also rising in popularity.  America has been image obsessed for many years, but in the last five the obsession has taken a lean toward not just looking one’s best, but toward feeling one’s best and being physically healthier.  It makes sense that popular restaurants would meet those demands, by making changes to their menu to accommodate a more health conscious clientele.

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