How Do Restaurants Deal With Natural Disasters?

December 17 2012 – Robert Fiumara

 Though Hurricane Sandy blew herself out over a month ago, the local businesses are still suffering from the disaster.  Restaurants and small boutique stores, in particular, are feeling the pain of the aftermath. The flooding and extended power outages kept businesses closed and many are still unable to open due to extensive store damage. 

Most of the small business owners who are suffering from the aftermath of Sandy will agree that this disaster could not have come at a worse time.  With the holiday season upon us, restaurants and retail stores are losing thousands of dollars on top of the mounting costs of repairs and lost resources.  Restaurants had to dispose of entire freezers and coolers of food that rotted away and became unsafe for human consumption in the flooding.

Many owners are afraid that if they are unable to open or, worse, able to open, but are unable to draw in any customers, they may not be able to make the revenue that typically helps to carry them into the spring season.  Many vendors are trying to be understanding when owners fall behind on their payments, but business owners worry about the time when vendors’ understanding will turn to frustration and disappointment.

While some restaurateurs are considering closing their businesses, others are striving to keep a positive outlook and are looking forward to putting their business and their staff back to work.  Work crews are still working around the clock to get the lower part of Manhattan up and running. 

One of the many things that restaurant owners may be looking to do in this period of change is to take this time to update their décor.  This kind of positive forward movement is just one sign that restaurateurs are keeping a positive outlook on the future of their business.


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We, here, at Fiumara Apparel send out sympathies and our support to the men and women who are struggling due to Hurricane Sandy.  This holiday season we wish you and yours a safe and healthy holiday and a quick recovery.

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