Restaurants Get Ready to Deliver the Goods This Holiday Season

December 10 2012 – Robert Fiumara

 Restaurants Get Ready to Deliver the Goods This Holiday Season

The restaurant industry can really slow down during the holiday season.  Many people are cooking at home and welcoming their friends and family in from out of town.  Movies have historically portrayed people that are “forced” to dine out on these major holidays as sad and lonely.


However, in recent years, that perception has changed.  Restaurants are boosting their marketing and are specifically targeting those people who have out of town visitors.  They are marketing themselves as a place to take your guests, impress them and not have to worry about the dishes later.  And if that is not appealing, most local restaurants are offering a holiday meal that can be picked up or delivered, a holiday meal with all the trimmings.

This very savvy surge to take advantage of the holiday season to relieve stress on their customers and create more business for themselves means that restaurants are stepping it up in every area from decorations to specialty holiday menu items—something that less formal, fast food restaurants have been doing for decades.

Not only are their changes on the outside, but the inside as well gets a holiday make over. Wreaths, trees, mistletoe and the aroma of peppermint and gingerbread fill the air.  Christmas lights are no longer banished to the outside of a building.  Many restaurants use them to improve their holiday mood lighting.  Some local restaurants may even begin branching out in the dessert arena with homemade Christmas cookies or elaborate gingerbread cottages for sale.

Restaurants that remain open or that offer holiday specials to their customers also want to make sure that when their clientele visits them during this festive time of year, it is also reflected in their front end and back of house staff. This can mean anything from slight uniform changes to major holiday overhauls.

This is where Fiumara Apparel has you covered.  With great choices for classy uniforms both for front of house and kitchen staff, we can make sure that any restaurant can ring in the holidays with as much good cheer as the walls will hold.  Fiumara Apparel believes in high quality and affordable prices.  We understand that making a great impression will help make a great holiday for any restaurant clientele.  Let us help you get there.

We, here at Fiumara Apparel, wish you and yours a safe, happy and healthy holiday.

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